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Hayabusa Mizuchi Rashguard White and Black

Hayabusa is out there dropping bombs on the competition this week. First they released the Hayabusa Mizuchi Rashguard in white, followed by a pair of white Hayabusa Shiai Fight Shorts, then followed by the Shiai shorts in black, and now I see the Hayabusa Mizuchi Rashguard is also being released in white with black trim? Now, I am not sure if there was an image mixup over at Hayabusa, or if the Mizuchi guard is actually available in ALL white as well as white with black trim, or what. Either way it, looks pretty dope though.

PURCHASE: Hayabusa Mizuhci Rashguard White and Black

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Hayabusa Mizuchi Rashguard White

The popular Hayabusa Mizuchi Rashguard was originally only released in black, but now Hayausa has dropped both long and shortsleeve versins of the Mizuchi in white. It sports the same design and features, including the fully sublimated design which won’t peel. And since I am on my second round of antibiotics to kill this damn staph on my knee, I figure I should mention that the Mizuchi rashguards also have some kind of antimicrobial technology which helps prevent the growth of bacteri and fungi.

PURCHASE: Hayabusa Mizuchi Longsleeve Rashguard White

PURCHASE: Hayabusa Mizuchi Shortsleeve Rashguard White