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Jaco Loose Compression Rash Guards

The new Jaco Loose Compression Rash Guard offers a comfortable form fit for grappling and rolling, plus its bamboo/spandex fabric wicks away moisture and prevents bacteria growth while offering a cashmere feel in both short and long sleeve styles.

CLICK TO BUY: Jaco Short Sleeve Loose Compression Rash Guard

CLICK TO BUY: Jaco Long Sleeve Loose Compression Rash Guard

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Reversal RVDDW Camo Mesh Battle Rash Guard

For those of you who still have a little cash to spare be sure to put your eyes on the Reversal Camo Mesh Battle Rash Guard. Aside from the awesome camo design this rash guard also sports the RVDDW logo across the front which is printed in a cool mesh like design. It also rocks the Reversal logos on each shoulder. It is made from lycra and has reinforced stitching.

PURCHASE: Reversal RVDDW Camo Mesh Battle Rash Guard


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Manto Rio Camo Rashguard

This cold weather getting you down? Well don’t worry, Manto is here to warm ya up! The new Manto Rio Camo Longsleeve Rashguards sport a nice Brazil inspired camouflage and an awesome Rio beach scene to top it off. As always, the design is sublimated so there is no worry of it peeling or cracking on you. This is the perfect rashguard to ward away the cold weather blues.




PURCHASE: Manto Rio Camo Longsleeve Rashguard

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Hayabusa Mizuchi Rashguard, Mizuchi Fight Shorts and Comp Fight Shorts

Hayabusa is getting ready to release a new line of rashguards and fight shorts for you all to enjoy. Here is the Hayabusa Mizuchi Rashguard, Mizuchi Fight Shorts, and the Comp Fight Shorts. These should be released sometime within the next month. If you are in the market for some thai pads or gloves, be sure and check out Hayabusas Training Gear while you are at it.

Here is some more information on the Mizuchi Rashguard:

Hayabusa’s Mizuchi ™ Rashguards: Developed to highest gold standard possible, Hayabusa’s Mizuchi ™ rashguards are the only rashguard to perfectly combine ultimate performance enhancement with extreme comfort. This rashguard engulfs your body with unmatched thermoregulation, muscle support and advanced antimicrobial defense. Engineered with the exclusive Thermawick™ technology, the Mizuchi ™ Rashguard rapidly diffuses sweat to effectively control your body’s core temperature. As a result, you’ll notice a dramatic increase in performance as your warm muscles are capable of achieving an even higher degree of flexibility, power and speed. Intricately knitted with only the best fabrics with specialized tensile properties, these uniquely engineered rashguards easily outperform all other rashguards on the market.

PURCHASE: Hayabusa Mizuchi Longsleeve Rash Guard

Mizuchi Fight Shorts

PURCHASE: Hayabusa Mizuchi Fight Shorts

Hayabusa Comp Fight Shorts

PURCHASE: Hayabusa Shiai Competition Fight Shorts

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Reversal RVDDW Dot Big Mark Long Sleeve Rashguard

If you like the Reversal Big Mark T-Shirt then you will love the Reversal Dot Big Mark Long Sleeve Rashguard. Staying true to Reversals style this rashguard is simple and clean. It is quick drying and the lycra fabric has reinforced stitching. Reversal also has a couple other rashguards out so be sure to check this one and the others out over at Choke Sports.

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Sprawl Repeller Rashguards

Here are the new Sprawl Repeller Rashguards. They come in both long and short sleeve and are specially designed to keep your fat, hairy and smelly training partners sweat from seeping through your rashgaurd and onto your skin. Sprawl has been super busy this month releasing new products, including the new
Sprawl Fusion Stretch Fight Shorts.

Here is some more info on the Sprawl Rashguards taken from their site:

Rethink Your Rashguard. You hear a lot about moisture wicking shirts, now feel the difference of moisture repelling shirts. While most rash guards are designed to keep your sweat away from your body, they do very little to keep your training partner’s sweat off of you. The SPRAWL Repeller does just that. The Repeller fabric is treated at the fiber level so that it never absorbs moisture making it sweat and blood repellent. This also makes for a very fast drying garment. These properties make the SPRAWL Repeller especially well designed for contact sports such as grappling and wrestling. This Repeller fabric is soft, comfortable and breathable with a little bit of stretch. It has an athletic cut making it not too loose and not too tight. The new SPRAWL repeller is a unique advancement to traditional rashguards. This enhancement makes them the perfect protective garment for grapplers and MMA athletes.

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