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Nogi Everest and Sierra Hoodie Giveaway!

Dave, that badass dude over at Nogi, sent me an email today and said since FightTrends readers are just as bad as he is, that we should do another giveaway. Nogi has kicked us down one of each of their new hoodies. So we will be giving away a Brown Nogi Sierra Hoodie, a Black Nogi Sierra Hoodie and a Gray Everest Nogi Hoodie.

If you don’t win you can run over to Nogi and grab yourself a hoodie to dry your tears.

You can gain up to 3 entries by:

1. Leaving a comment on this post.
2. Following Nogi on Twitter and ReTweeting “RT @FightTrends RT This and follow @TheRealNogi To Win one of THREE New Nogi Hoodies! Go to to enter!”
3. Adding the Nogi Facebook page as a friend.

Winners will be announced Saturday the 7th.

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Nogi Everest Hoodie

For all of you who loved the original Nogi Everest Hoodie they have just released it in a new color, gray and green. The same basic design as before, it comes insulated with some heavy duty sherpa lining which I can testify keeps you super toasty in the winter time. It has the Nogi logo embroidered on the front as well as on the hood. It also has a pocket for a iPod or ID.

PURCHASE: Nogi Everest Hoodie

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Nogi Sierra Pullover Hoodie

Here are a few more pieces of the new Nogi line. The Nogi Sierra hoodie is a pullover hoodie as opposed to Nogis Everest hoodie. The Sierra comes in either brown with a lighter trim, or black with green trip. the Sierra hoodie does not have the sherpa lining that the Everest has so you won’t burn up in this hoodie. This hoodie also has a inner pocket for your iPod or ID.

PURCHASE: Nogi Sierra Pullover Hoodie

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Nogi Volt Rank Fight Shorts

The Nogi Volt Rank Fight Shorts that Dave let us know about in February are now available for purchase. These new Nogis meet the new IBJJF criteria for competition legal nogi gear which states that competitors need to wear black board shorts having at least 10% of the fabric match the color of their belt rank. You can grab them up in white, blue, purple or brown. For all of you black belts out there, the standard Nogi Volt Fight Shorts are what you are looking for.

PURCHASE: Nogi Volt Rank Fight Shorts

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New NoGi Indsutries Zip Ups – First Look!

As we start heading into summer, we here at NoGi industries are already looking towards the fall with the release of two new zip hoods. These yet to be named hoods should be dropping around September and be perfect for the cool Fall weather.

These are just samples and they still need a few tweaks but you can see the details we’ve added.

The first is 300gm soft fleece with custom NoGi embellishments and includes an iPod/Mp3 pouch and a Nylon lining. Yeah it’s different and a little bold but we like it that way!

The second is a little more laid back with the NoGi vines design. This one also includes the same embellishments along with a quilted hood and elbow pads, applique and silk screened artwork and PVC logo hits.

Just a few more tweaks and these things are good to go. Oh, and I guess we need names, eh? Perhaps we should have a contest to name them?
“The real NoGi since 2003”

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New Nogi Volt Rank Shorts

Coming this April we will be offering our popular Nogi Volt fight shorts in contrasting white (Not shown), blue, purple and brown. This is a great way to show off your rank while training or competing. The embroidery and stitching has been improved this time around and the all black versions are IBJJF approved for all IBJJF nogi events.

Coming April 2010!
“The real NoGi since 2003”

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Nogi Industries Kingpin 2010 Preview

Chosen by our loyal customers and fans at and FightTrends, here is a sneak preview of the 2010 Nogi Kingpins. The colors are a little hard to see from the phone pic but we will be offering a white with contrasting blue and army green with contrasting tan. We’ve also toughened up the stitching and embroidery to prevent ware and moved the rear pocket inside to make them legal for grappling tournaments that don’t allow external pockets. These should be available around April 15th along with other soon to be revealed goodies!

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Nogi Everest Gray Sneak Peek

Just got this sample in today and it ‘s almost ready to go.

The previous Everest was a huge hit so we decided to offer it in another color scheme.  Like the previous release, the Big nogi logo hit is made up of the same material as the Kingpin fightshorts, this time in black. We’re using a much softer sherpa lining and we’ve improved the cut and fit. And for those who don’t like black (I know it’s not many of you), we’ve offering this model in Gray with dark green highlights. The expected release date is sometime in early April along with a slew of other cool new products which I can’t quite mention yet!