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TapouT Fitted Hats

TapouT has a few new fitted hats out to help keep your heads warm this winter. TapouT has released the In Ya Face, Light Speed and the Wired fitted hats. They are all 6 panel on-field tek-flex caps. The In Ya Face hat is all embroidery and the Light Speed and Wired fitted hats are embroidered on the front and screen printed on the back.

PURCHASE: TapouT In Ya Face Fitted Hat

PURCHASE: TapouT Light Speed Fitted hat

PURCHASE: TapouT Wired Fitted Hat

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New Reversal Logo Obi Belt

So it looks as if Reversal went and pulled a fast one on me. A couple weeks ago I posted about their Reversal Obi Belt, and now this week they go ahead and release their Reversal Logo Obi Belt. Like I really need to be spending $120 on belts? This is probably the dopest belt out their though so it makes it tough not to pony up the cash. The Reversal Logo Obi Belt is produced in limited quantities so snag em up quick. They come in black, purple and blue so I guess all you white and black belts are screwed. It features the Reversal logo along the belt in contrasting colors. Pick it up at Choke Sports for a cool $65.

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Dethrone Royalty Fitted Script Hat

Dethrone Royalty has been hitting the fight scene heavy these past few months and they don’t appear to be letting up anytime soon. Here is one of their latest releases which I really dig. Sometimes a really flashy design catches my eye, but generally the simple and slick designs such as this Dethrone Royalty Fitted Script Hat is what gets my vote. It comes in either Black or White/Red and in sizes 7 1/4, 7 1/2 and 7 3/4. Sorry all you pumpkin headed dudes out there, you are gonna have to wait for the jumbo size or something. The Dethrone hat is embroidered on both the front and back.

As usual you can pick this up over at MMAWarehouse.

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Reversal Obi Belt

So I guess it is Reversal week around here. I can’t help it though, they have been comming out with a lot of awesome gear lately. My only complaint is that I can’t afford to buy any of it! The Reversal Obi belt comes in white, blue, purple, brown and…well, you get the picture. I wonder if everyone at my gym would make fun of me if I bought the black belt? Probably. Just like with most Reversal gear, you can pick it up over at the awesomeness that is Choke Sports.

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Vandal Eyewear

Because it is Sunday and my body is too beat up to think straight I will let the guys over at Vandal explain what their glasses are all about.

“Vandal was created by a tight group of friends from the Big Island of Hawaii. The dream has always been to create a Hawaiian brand that commands international attention. The team aspires to prove themselves as well as the world that people from a small place can accomplish big dreams.

Vandal epitomizes the extreme sports industry. With its roots spread throughout the diversity of action sports, the main focus has always been mixed martial arts and they support any individual/athlete who inspires others to live their dreams and not be afraid of the hard work and the long road to success. Mixed martial arts is evidence that anyone can accomplish their dreams if they work hard at it and never give up!”

Check them out over at MMAWarehouse.

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