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Marcelo Garcia Lucky Gi

Just in case your wallet has $250 burning a hole in it you can go pick up the new Marcelo Garcia Lucky Gi over at OTM. These are without a doubt some of the most sought after gis on the market. I will let OTM do the rest of the talking.

“Marcelo Garcia is know world wide as one of the pound for pound best Jiu Jitsu players ever. He has a very unique style and has created a revolution with his technique.

A player with such high level of technique and success deserves his own custom signature kimono. Lucky Gi’s was honored to work with Marcelo to create his dream gi. After a year of sampling and production we are proud to offer his gi.

This new Lucky Gi is like no other we make. It is a very light 420 gram special weave. The weave is very tight and light so it will not shrink much at all. The gi is preshrunk and features a rubberized light weight collar.

The pants are double reinforced 10oz Bull Denim cotton with a triple gusseted crotch so it will not restrict any guard movement.

The features Marcelo’s logo embroidered on the back, woven tag logos on both shoulders and a custom Marcelo Garcia Lucky Gi logo print on the inside.

This is truly an amazing gi for an amazing Jiu Jitsu player.”

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