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Shoyoroll Black Star T-Shirt

The Shoyoroll Black Star T-Shirt just hit the shelves over at BudoVideos and I don’t expect them to last long. It comes in either white with a green and yellow logo (Whats that? Brazil you say?) or a black tee with a orange and white SYR logo. The Shoyoroll logo is large in the middle of the tee with “Jiu Jitsu” below it.

PURCHASE: Shoyoroll Black Star T-Shirt

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Gracie Academy Roots T-Shirt

The Gracie Academy Roots t-shirt is a design by Blayne Barlow who won the 2010 Gracie Facebook t-shirt design contest. This tee comes in black and has a small Gracie Jiu Jitsu logo on the front in red and a large Gracie Jiu Jitsu logo on the back. The back also features the Christ Redemer statue infront of the moon.

PURCHASE: Gracie Academy Roots T-Shirt