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UFC Rain Jackets in Orange, Green, and Black

Looking for a new jacket now that the cooler days of fall are upon us? Check out the new line of UFC rain jackets in orange, green, and black styles featuring the UFC logo on the sleeve, an Octagon zipper, and UFC hood cord.

CLICK TO BUY: UFC Rain Jacket – Orange

CLICK TO BUY: UFC Rain Jacket – Green

CLICK TO BUY: UFC Rain Jacket – Black

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Hayabusa Lightweight Uwagi Jacket

With fall now upon us, everyone’s looking for a new hoodie or jacket to wear over their latest MMA t-shirts and Hayabusa delivers one of the newest options to hit the market with their lightweight Uwagi jacket.

Modeled by none other than Strikeforce heavyweight champion and K-1 standout Alistair Overeem, the black Uwagi jacket is made for maximum durability and features the Hayabusa logo on the front with Japanese writing vertically on the back.

CLICK TO BUY: Hayabusa lightweight Uwagi jacket

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