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Shoyoroll Batch 10: ‘ComPadre’ and ‘Americana’ Pre-Order on May 20

Shoyoroll‘s Batch 10 gis, the ComPadre and the Americana, will go on sale on May 20 for just two hours starting at 3pm ET/noon PT through BudoVideos.

The ComPadre features brown and orange accents on a white gi, while the Americana features red and white on a blue gi. Both gis include heavy-duty, but lightweight jackets and pants with contrast stitching.

BUY: Shoyoroll Batch 10 Gis (ComPadre and Americana)

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Break Point RVRSL White/Blue Reversible Gi

It’s been awhile since we’ve had some new MMA training gear to feature, but Break Point recently dropped the unique RVRSL white/blue reversible gi at MMA Warehouse.

Made from two layers of extra-light durable fabric, one side of the gi is white with contrasting blue stitching, while the other is a bold blue with white stitching and both include Break Point and RVRSL graphics.


mmawarehouse%20banners%204 Hayabusa Lightweight Uwagi Jacket

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Sinister Pearl Weave Gi

Sinister, the company which once sponsored Anderson Silva and is owner by his manager, has now jumped into the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kimono market. Their first release into the BJJ scene is the Sinister gi which is a pearl weave and comes in either white or blue. Check below for the details.

The Sinister Kimono-Pearl Weave features:

* Kimono made of 100% Cotton
* Single piece Pearl Weave Kimono top (no back seam or attached skirt)
* Also features a synthetic rubberized collar which prevents bacteria buildup
* Gi top Free of nascar style patches, so plenty of room to represent your school or sponsors
* 80% Pre-Shrunk but will shrink in dryer on hot
* 12 oz durable canvas cotton pants which feature new bungee style adjustable cord
* Kimono does not include belt
* No gimmics, no bells… just Jiu Jitsu style

PURCHASE: Sinister Pearl Weave Gi

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Sprawl Gi-Flex Gi Pants

Sprawl, a leader in fight shorts innovation, has made a quick lateral move into a new market, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi pants. The new Sprawl Gi-Flex Gi pants have all of the innovations you would expect from this fight short company. Heres some more info below:

SPRAWL has brought the same engineering and innovation that has driven our fight short designs since 2002 to create the new SPRAWL Gi-Flex gi pants. The Gi-Flex has all the best features we introduced to the MMA world in our shorts designs including:
# A real adjustable waistband system with a drawstring, fly and Velcro closures.
# Our Channel Lock inner waistband providing stability in the most demanding training and competition situations.
# A Flex Panel crotch to enhance performance and flexibility.
# Mesh lined legs keep the pants from sticking to you while sweating.

PURCHASE: Spawl Gi-Flex Gi pants

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Shoyoroll Batch 7 Designs

Being the good man that he is, Vince over at Shoyoroll just sent me over some info on the new Shoyoroll Batch 7 Gis. Luke Stewart, tattoo artist and Ralph Gracie black belt, did a collaboration with SYR and created The 7th Son black and orange kimono. Shoyoroll also has the Golden State gi in this batch which is whtie with blue stitching. There is some info below, but I will work on getting you all some more info as well.

GoldenState designed by: SYR

Type: 450 Gram Lightweight Pearl Weave
Color: White with Blue Stitching
Pants: 10oz Drill Cotton
Sizes: A00-A5
Limited Edition

The 7th SON designed by: Luke Stewart (World Famous Tattoo Artist) x SYR Collab project

Type: 450 Gram Lightweight Pearl Weave
Color: Black with Orange Stitching
Pants: 10oz Ripstop Pants
Sizes: A00-A5
Limited Edition

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Breakpoint RVRSL Reversible Gi

The new Breakpoint RVRSL gi is completely badass. The name RVRSL stands for reversible (like you didn’t know), as this gi is white on one side, and blue on the other. It features some large Breakpoint patches on the front and shoulders. This RVRSL kimono also sports contrast stitching with the white side having blue stitching and the blue side having white stitching. This gi is created from two pieces of lightweight single weave and is reinforced along the knees, crotch, neck and armpits. An A0 top weighs in right at 3lbs and the pants are 1.75lbs. The RVRSL Kimono is also IBJJF legal. Look for these to hit the mats in august.

Head over to Breakpoint and check it out.

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Shoyoroll Comp Standard 450 Gi

In anticipation of the new Shoyoroll Batch #7, here are some design pictures of the Shoyoroll Comp Standard 500 Gi. Here is some info straight from the man himself:

“We here at Shoyoroll wanted to release a basic heavy duty lightweight competition and training all around gi. This is our standard 2010 lightweight competition kimono. We gave it a very basic and classic look. We removed the inside lining, but kept the cut similar to our previous batch #6 style. If you are looking for a great all around lightweight competition and training kimono, the Comp Standard 450 is your best option. These will be a short run of kimonos for 2010 and will not be restocked in 2011, so pick them up quick.”

Model: Comp Standard 450
Color: White
Retail: $145
Presale begins: 6/1/10 – Presale ends 6/4/10
Estimated Shipping Dates: 6/11/10

– Lightweight 450g pearl weave fabric
– One piece jacket with no back seam
– Custom IPOD/ID pocket
– EVA Foam Collar
– Contrasting color stitch
– Heavy Reinforced Seams
– Tailored Fit

– 8oz Drill cotton Pants w/Gold Weave Gusset
– Stretchy Rope Drawstring
– 6 Point loop system
– Gold weave knee pads
– Contrasting color stitch
– Heavy Reinforced Seams
– Tailored Fit

PURCHASE: Shoyoroll Comp Standard 500 Gi