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BJ Penn Cage Fighter UFC 107 Walkout Shirt


Cage Fighter recently released their BJ Penn UFC 107 Walkout Shirt that BJ will wear as he takes on Diego Sanchez at UFC 107 in Memphis Tennessee. Although BJ Penn had a UFC 107 T-Shirt and fight shorts made by RVCA for his upcoming bout, he will not be able to wear them due to Zuffas ban of RVCA.

 PURCHASE: BJ Penn Cage Fighter UFC 107 Longsleeve Walkout Shirt

PURCHASE: BJ Penn Cage Fighter UFC 107 Walkout Shirt

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UFC 101 BJ Penn Cage Fighter Walkout T-Shirt

Here is the Official BJ Penn UFC 101 Walkout T-Shirt created by Cage Fighter. Fairly simple and straight forward design highlighted with some traditional Hawaiian symbols. I have no idea what they mean, if they mean anything at all. Anyone got any ideas?

I dunno what shipping costs to Hawaii, but you can pick it up over at MMAWarehouse.

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