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Six Deuce Campeonato ’76 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu T-Shirt

This is hands down one of my favorite tees to hit the market in some time, and not just because of the color either (well, maybe a little because of the color.) Six Deuce Gear has been hard at work on some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu shirts and it paid off. Their new Campeonato ’76 shirts have that American Eagle/Old Navy look but in a way less pussy kind of a way (sorry to all of you pretty boy FightTrends readers out there!) The Campeonato tee is based on a fictitious, old school Jiu Jitsu tournament from the beaches of Rio De Janeiro circa 1976. The 6/2/76 date was not only picked due to the “62” in the name, but it also happens to be Big Nogs birthday. Not a bad touch. Naturally this BJJ tee comes in either yellow/green or green/yellow but you can also grab it up in black.

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