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Best of FightTrends: March 2010

With so many fighter walkout tees this month I could have doubled the size of this post. I literally could have taken every shirt from the Georges St. Pierre Affliction T-Shirt Showcase and called it good but I decided to put a little more effort into it than that…just a little. Rounding out the best of March is the Venum Amazonia 2.0 Fight Shorts, RVCA Fedor Emelianenko and Vitor Belfort Track Jackets and the Jon “Bones” Jones Silver Star UFC Live Walkout T-Shirt.

In the latest from RVCAs MMA line is the Fedor Emelianenko and Vitor Belfort track jackets. So far no matching track pants have surfaced like in the BJ Penn line but I wouldn’t be shocked to see some pop up in the near future. Now if only M-1 could manage to get Fedor to pop up and fight sometime this year we can all be happy.

PURCHASE: RVCA Fedor Emelianenko Track Jacket

PURCHASE: RVCA Vitor Belfort Track Jacket

After that awesome giveaway Venum did with us how could I leave their Venum Amazonia 2.0 Fight Shorts off of the list? These are the same fight shorts that Thiago Silva wore in his fight against Rashad Evans at UFC 108.

PURCHASE: Venum Amazonia 2.0 Fight Shorts

The Jon “Bones” Jones Silver Star UFC on Live Walkout T-Shirt he wore in his victory over Brandon Vera is actually one of my favorite walkout tees to come out this past month or two. The light blue cloud like design against that white backdrop is a killer combo. You know Silver Star is super stoked to be sponsoring Jones on his rocket like ascent up the UFC ranks.

PURCHASE: Jon “Bones” Jones Silver Star UFC Live Walkout T-Shirt

Georges St. Pierre and Affliction have teamed up to form what appears to be a plan to destroy GSP fans financial future by releasing a new Pierre tee almost every single week. At $50 a piece, I am sure some hardcore Canucks are going into foreclosure right about now. But atleast they have a truck full of GSP tees to keep them warm. Besides this GSP Affliction Crest T-Shirt there is also the Georges St. Pierre Affliction Silver Warshield T-Shirt, Affliction Georges St. Pierre Warshield T-Shirt, Affliction Georges St. Pierre Wings T-Shirt and the Affliction GSP Georges St. Pierre Warcrest T-Shirt.

PURCHASE: Georges St. Pierre Affliction Crest T-Shirt

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Best of FightTrends – November 2009

Hayabusa Mizuchi Rashguard, Mizuchi Fight Shorts and Comp Fight Shorts
Hayabusa is constantly raising the bar with their training gear and their new rashgaurds and fight shorts are no different. The Hayabsua Mizuchi Rashguard is top of the line and has features your standard rashguards do not. Keep your eye out for these to drop sometime within the next month. Interview with Six Deuce Clothing
Six Deuce is probably a company you have not heard of much but they make some of the best t-shirt designs around. Six Deuce is always producing designs which relate to the hardcore MMA fan. If you are looking to sport some MMA clothing that only people who train will know, then Six Deuce is your brand.

New Six Deuce T-Shirts
Speaking of Six Deuce, here are their latest tees. The Fedor sweatshirt-shirt is awesome and only a true MMA fan will get it. Same goes for the Just Bleed tee. Be sure to check them out if you want something off of the beaten path.

New Inspirit Logo and Concept Art
Our friend Mike over at Ludwig Clothing is responsible for Inspirits killer new logo. He was nice enough to share with us the concept art that led to the new Inspirit design. Keep your eyes open because Mike is starting to do more and more deigns in the MMA world. It’s nice to get a real designer in the mix, maybe it will lead to less skulls and flaming hearts?

Fedor Emelianenko RVCA Strikeforce Hoodie
The Fedor Emelianenko RVCA Hoodie is an extremely popular item, one of the most popular just behind the RVCA Fedor Emelianenko Strikeforce CBS Walkout T-Shirt. Although the hoodie doesn’t come in white *angry stare*, it is still a killer hoodie. Perfect to help combat this cold weather which I am already sick of. Interview with Dave of Nogi Industries
Not only was Nogi responsible for the latest FightTrends Giveaway, Dave also let me pick his brain about Nogi and gave us an inside look into the brand and what we can expect from them in the future.

Shoyoroll Superlite 2 Blue Gi Pictures
Shoyoroll has such a strong following they were able to presale the new Superlite kimonos without so much as a real picture being taken. People were going crazy to see what they finally looked like and now they know. It was for sure worth the wait.

FightTrends Interview with Egor of Redstar BJJ Fightwear
Redstar is the new kid in town when it comes to kimonos, but they have quickly risen up the ranks. Here we get to take a stroll with Egor of Redstar and see what they are all about.

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Best of October 2009

RVCA Fedor Emelianenko Strikeforce CBS Walkout T-Shirt
The RVCA Fedor Emelianeko T-Shirt is by far my favorite shirt I have seen this month. The white and the red look awesome together and this shirt just really jumps out at you. The simple design is a nice change of pace compared to most pit bull laden t-shirts these days. If I could get only one shirt this month, the RVCA Fedor Emelianeko Striekforce Walkout T-Shirt would be it, no doubt.

Interview with Vince Quitugua Owner and Founder of Shoyoroll
Leading up to the release of the new Shoyoroll gis FightTrends caught up with Vince Quitugua, owner and founder of Shoyoroll. If you want to know more about Shoyorolls roots and the crazy plans they have for the future, this is a interview you will want to check out.

Video: Shoyoroll Gi Ripstock Preview
Whenever Shoyoroll drops a new gi you know people are going to go crazy over them and this latest release was no different. The preorders sold out in a matter of days due to the limited numbers and the high demand. Here is a video preview of the new Shoyoroll Ripstock gi.

Reversal Logo Obi Belt
If you are into BJJ then this belt is a must have, well, if you can afford it. Reversal is always coming out with sick gear and this belt fits that mold. This is probably one of my favorite items released in a long time.

Caol Uno Nike 10AC Air Zoom Vomero
Nike and Caol Uno have done it again, they created another item that I desperately want but can’t afford. Thanks Uno! At about $170 these would no doubt be the most expensive pair of shoes I ever bought.

Fairtex Curved Thai Pads
The new Fairtex Curved Thai Pads are the hottest pair of thai pads I have seen other than Hayabusas Thai Pads. The black and white really pop and they are designed to help minimize the impact to the holder, which is nice. If you want a killer set of thai pads, these are them.