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Bas Rutten Tokyo Five Grocery Store Melee

Tokyo Five has been KILLIN it with there Bas Rutten commercials. Whoever is in charge of their marketing should be sent a high class escort to thank him for a job well done. Hiring Bas for these commercials was a great move. Everyone in the fight game loves Bas and he is always game for making people laugh. So Tokyo Five marketing man, whoever you are, big ups to you. If you haven’t seen the other Tokyo Five Bas Rutten commercials then check them out, Bas Rutten Attacks Shaolin Monk and Bas Rutten Attacks Co-Hosts.

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Bas Rutten Attacks Shaolin Monk Tokyo Five Commercial

Tokyo Five and Bas Rutten have again teamed up to create another awesomely hilarious video. Bas is always the character and in this latest video he shows us some of his trademark self defense moves on a 80 somethin year old Shaolin monk. This video is in conjunction with the Tokyo Five Make Your Own Secret contest where you can win $500 of Tokyo Five gear. Sit back, relax and laugh your ass off.

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Bas Rutten Attacks Co-Hosts – Tokyo Five Brand

Just when I start to forget about my man crush on Bas Rutten, he goes and does something like this to make me feel weak in the knees all over again. This is a take on Bas Ruttens How To Street Fight video and is equally as hilarious. Huge props to Tokyo Five for this, probably going to be the best marketing dollars they ever spent. Or, atleast the most entertaining.