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VXRSI T-Shirts for Winter 2011

VXRSI is the latest MMA line to launch its winter collection of t-shirts, which is highlighted by the Trio featuring U.S., Japan, and Brazil flags, the Olympus featuring a take on the Olympic rings, and the Sub & Smile with BJJ belts.

VXRSI Born Strong Shirt [MMAWarehouse]

VXRSI Clash Shirt [MMAWarehouse]

VXRSI Fern & Fire 2.2 Shirt [MMAWarehouse]

VXRSI Lanx Shirt [MMAWarehouse]

VXRSI Like Shirt [MMAWarehouse]

VXRSI Love Battle Shirt [MMAWarehouse]

VXRSI Olympus Shirt [MMAWarehouse]

VXRSI Rumble Shirt [MMAWarehouse]

VXRSI Sub & Smile Shirt [MMAWarehouse]

VXRSI Trio Shirt [MMAWarehouse]

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