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VXRSI MMA T-Shirt Giveaway

Courtesy of the awesome folks at VXRSI, has some of their latest MMA t-shirts to give away to our loyal readers.

Post a comment below (with a valid email) saying which tee you want to win, the VXRSI Logo (white/black – size L), VXRSI Script (teal/white – size L), or VXRSI Dynamo (black – size XL), and then we’ll email the winners on Saturday, October 16.

Also make sure to follow @FightTrends, @MMAFrenzy, and @VXRSI on Twitter for the latest MMA gear and UFC news.

31 thoughts on “VXRSI MMA T-Shirt Giveaway

  1. Dynamo please! Thanks for the contest!!!

  2. A VXSRI T-shirt would be nice because no one in the UK has one yet…….i think

  3. I like the VXRSI Logo in black. It’s sweet and simple. Thanks for the contest.

  4. Thanks! BIG THANKS!

  5. VXRSI Script!

  6. The VXRSI Script is nice! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. I like the “defend yourself” shirts, but I want to win the VXRSI script.

  8. Thanx for the chance. The VXRSI script would be great.

  9. I’ll take the Epic Tee, white, size small.
    I have no use for large shirts.

  10. The white one is a great design. You van send me that one.

  11. The Script one is the one I want, it rocks… I hope I win!!!

  12. The logo shirt is tight!! I’d like to win that one please.

  13. VXRSI Dynamo (black – size XL) would be great

  14. I’ll take the XL one as well!! Looks awesome!

  15. This t-shirt is brilliant . . . . ‘DYNAMO’ black t-shirt with the rainbow colour fighter.
    I wish that i win it.

    Also.. future p4p fighter… Jon ‘bones’ Jones!!

  16. I would be happy to win either of the large size shirts, both are very very cool. Long time reader, thanks again for another giveaway!

  17. The script please. Love VXRSI. Thanks guys

  18. That black SCRIPT shirt is awesome.

  19. The VXRSI Logo shirt looks great! I hope I get that one.

  20. Script would be sweet.

  21. The VXRSI logo shirt please. Glad to see the contests are back. Thanks for the chance.

  22. I want to win the VXRSI Dynamo (black – size XL).

  23. I would like the dynamo shirt

  24. VXRSI Script please!

  25. VXRSI script please would greatly apprecitate it and my fav color is teal thank you

  26. VXRSI Dynamo, please.

  27. Black Dynamo would be my choice.

  28. one more for the Dynamo shirt

  29. Great stuff from Fight Trends and MMAFrenZy, thank you

  30. VXRSI Logo or Script please 🙂

  31. I need a white shirt!! The VXRSI white shirt with black logo is what I need. Thanks. =)

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