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Shogun Rua Bad Boy UFC 113 Shirt Exclusive Yellow

Bad Boy and MMAOverload have teamed up to drop another Shogun Rua UFC 113 shirt. This time, it is in an exclusive yellow colorway that can only be purchased at MMAOverload. As you probably know, the yellow and green (Brasil!) make this my favorite colorway of Shoguns Bad Boy shirt. You can check the original Shogun UFC 113 shirt in white here.

PURCHASE: Bad Boy Shogun Rua UFC 113 Walkout T-Shirt Yellow

2 thoughts on “Shogun Rua Bad Boy UFC 113 Shirt Exclusive Yellow

  1. […] to be out done by MMAOverloads exclusive Shogun Rua Bad Boy UFC 113 shirt, MMAWarehouse now has their hands on one as well. This exclusive comes in black with blue accents […]

  2. […] For all of you waitin to get your hands on the new Anderson Silva UFC 117 shirt by Silver Star here is another colorway to trip ya up some more. First released in both red and gray, it is now available as an MMAOverload exclusive yellow. This is the tee Silva will be wearing against Chael Sonnen at UFC 117. If you are interested in some more MMAOverload exclusives check out the green and yellow Shogun Rua UFC 113 shirt. […]

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