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Nogi Everest and Sierra Hoodie Giveaway!

Dave, that badass dude over at Nogi, sent me an email today and said since FightTrends readers are just as bad as he is, that we should do another giveaway. Nogi has kicked us down one of each of their new hoodies. So we will be giving away a Brown Nogi Sierra Hoodie, a Black Nogi Sierra Hoodie and a Gray Everest Nogi Hoodie.

If you don’t win you can run over to Nogi and grab yourself a hoodie to dry your tears.

You can gain up to 3 entries by:

1. Leaving a comment on this post.
2. Following Nogi on Twitter and ReTweeting “RT @FightTrends RT This and follow @TheRealNogi To Win one of THREE New Nogi Hoodies! Go to to enter!”
3. Adding the Nogi Facebook page as a friend.

Winners will be announced Saturday the 7th.

98 thoughts on “Nogi Everest and Sierra Hoodie Giveaway!

  1. awesome. count me in!

  2. I absolutely love Nogi. They’re easily superior to SPRAWL in design and comfort. It’s a shame you don’t see more UFC fighters rocking Nogi in the Octagon.

  3. Nogi’s new designs are really awesome! I’m a brown kind of guy. Count me in!

  4. Edit: I also like the everest hoodie as well!

  5. Awesome!

  6. Sick hoodies!!!

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  8. This Hoodie is awesome! I hope I win.

  9. Wow love the look of the new hoodies. Great Job Nogi!

  10. Nice I want one!

  11. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter 🙂

  12. pretty sweet! nogi is comin out with some pretty awesome stuff!

  13. Loving the Nogi hoodies! Please count me in!

  14. Shit no facebook option this time eh? you shoulda got rid of the twitter option instead, I still refuse to even go on that site. Anyways give this sherdogger a shirt.

  15. Woot!! Awesomeeee 😀

  16. Love hoodies, I’m in!

  17. These hoodies are awesome!

  18. I’m more of a zip-up hoodie kinda guy so I hope whoever wins chooses which he/she gets…also @Mitchell why do you refuse to join the wonderful world of Twitter?

  19. put me in the hat

    nice looking hoody

  20. Anyone who admits to sherdoggedness desperately needs help. Just saying.

  21. I wish I could use it before/after my first nogi tournament…

  22. Just a heads up that I ADDED the Nogi Facebook page as an option for a 3rd entry. I had trouble trackin it down.

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  24. I want one!

  25. I’m poor give me! LOL Added on FB

  26. Awesome contest!

  27. @Adrian Oliva I just don’t like it, so I’m not even gonna give it a chance, I guess I’m just being stubborn but oh well, I already spend too much time on the internet.

  28. I love to wear MMA gear. I would really like some Nogi.

  29. those look great!

  30. Nice!

  31. This hoodie looks great. Do they run small or large? Just wondering so I can give you my size when I win!! (fingers crossed)

  32. Sweet, giveaway

  33. awesome looking hoody! great giveaway

  34. looks great, I want!

  35. Damn, that hoodie is nice
    great giveaway event!

  36. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. That’s an awesome hoodie

  38. i want one!

  39. Awesome hoodies! Black looks awesome, but the warmer Everest Hoodie would be great this winter! Thanks for another great contest!

  40. I have updated my FB and “like” NOGI using my FRED FARMER ID

  41. I’ve also RT the contest via:

    Thanks again!

  42. Very nice hoodie. thanks for the opportunity.

  43. in for the win!

  44. 🙂 nice lookin hoody

  45. Exciting!

  46. I would love a hoodie!!!!! They look great.

  47. That’s a sweet looking Hoodie!

  48. One nice lookin hoodie.

    count me in

  49. That’s a sweet hoodie

  50. It’s cool to see old schools brands like NoGi still representing the sport, keep up the good work!

  51. That hoodie is like a combination of the best features of all other hoodies. Even the color is awesome.

  52. That brown hoodie is awesome

  53. Brown hoodie looks amazing!

  54. NoGi makes my favorite fight shorts – would love to add a hoodie to the rotation 🙂

    +1 for fbook

  55. I would like to win!

  56. Another quality item by NoGi

  57. Nice hoodies! And anything given is NICE!

  58. Nice!

  59. Nice! me want

  60. Brown hoodie is SICK!

  61. I like the brown one

  62. Wow I’m liking that sweatshirt!

  63. NOGI continues to make the best products on the market.

  64. Haven’t bought any Nogi stuff in a while. Would love the chance to try this hoodie out.

  65. Me wantey

  66. This is a great looking hoodie.

    Everything that I’ve ever owned from nogi is awesome.
    I’d love to pick this up one day.

  67. Top quality hoodies. Nothing more to say.

  68. Score.

  69. Looks to me like a sick hoodie. I like the color of the hoodie , very symbolic of the fall season.
    I did all of the possible “multi-entries.”

  70. i want that hoodie

  71. I really need a new hoodie and these are fire!

  72. Love the black hoodie

  73. I never miss one of these giveaways. Very excited for this one, big fan of nogi and I need a new warm up sweater for wrestling/grappling tournies. Entered all 3 ways, thanks fighttrends and nogi!!

  74. ” Justin H says:
    July 23, 2010 at 2:34 pm
    I would like to win!”

    Haven’t you already won, damn I cant win no matter what I do =D, good stuff

  75. Very nice! Entered all 3 ways.

  76. Sweet looking hoodie. A zip up would be even sweeter.

  77. Sick hoodie, Nogi is the GSP of mma clothing lol.

  78. Nice looking hoodie. Even better is its free.

  79. I love Nogi gear

  80. Bad ass hoodie

  81. They all look awsome, Nogi is one of my favorite brands!

  82. Sure.

  83. I want the black one so I can wear it at the upcoming UFC Fan Expo in my Hometown of Boston.

  84. Gimme dat hoodie.

    It looks freakin sick and comfy.

  85. Sweet hoodie!

  86. I like!

  87. cool! I’m in.

  88. Nice hoodie from a great brand. Gotta love NoGi.

  89. Man, those hoodies look pretty sharp, and I could definitely use a new one.

  90. nice hoodies and another great giveaway

  91. Nice, the color scheme is solid, I’m a fan of brown, thanks for the giveaway. As always, I hope their are a ton of entries.

  92. Looks nice and comfy. Wanna try it out

  93. I definately need more fighting shirts…not really but still, it’s sweet!

  94. I love that my wife is hooked on Nogi now, too, after slipping into my old Phantoms and Ghosts.

  95. brown hoodie looks bad. bad as in badass. looks like i need it!

  96. hurry up aug 7th!

  97. Hope I win!

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