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Tri-Coasta Joe Lauzon Signature Shirt

The Tri-Coasta Joe Lauzon Signature Shirt is one for all of you gamers out there. It features a Zombied out looking Lauzon sitting on a Sprawl bench getting his Call of Duty on. This tee comes in red with black accents and is printed on 30/single ringspun cotton to give you that soft feel Tri-Coasta tees are known for. If you like this tee, check out the Tri-Coasta Korean Zombie shirt that everyone has gone crazy over.

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2 thoughts on “Tri-Coasta Joe Lauzon Signature Shirt

  1. I dig it, now its not as great as Jens Pulver’s was but this one is good..

  2. Pulver’s tee was awesome, that is for sure. I really like what Tri-Coasta has been doing lately though, they put out some killer Korean Zombie stuff.

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