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Sprawl Gi-Flex Gi Pants

Sprawl, a leader in fight shorts innovation, has made a quick lateral move into a new market, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi pants. The new Sprawl Gi-Flex Gi pants have all of the innovations you would expect from this fight short company. Heres some more info below:

SPRAWL has brought the same engineering and innovation that has driven our fight short designs since 2002 to create the new SPRAWL Gi-Flex gi pants. The Gi-Flex has all the best features we introduced to the MMA world in our shorts designs including:
# A real adjustable waistband system with a drawstring, fly and Velcro closures.
# Our Channel Lock inner waistband providing stability in the most demanding training and competition situations.
# A Flex Panel crotch to enhance performance and flexibility.
# Mesh lined legs keep the pants from sticking to you while sweating.

PURCHASE: Spawl Gi-Flex Gi pants

6 thoughts on “Sprawl Gi-Flex Gi Pants

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  2. these look awful they dont even look like kimono pants more like kickboxing pants

    ugly logos and black parts

    i will stick to draw string cotton pants or the atama rip stop

  3. Atama rip stop are the best pants out there in my opinion…

  4. Forget you haters.

    I think the pants look great, I just want an unedited picture of someone wearing them so I can see how they look on someone.

    Sprawl, take some pictures of the pants paired with various types of gi tops.

  5. I bet Eddie Bravo will be all over these…

  6. boris if you think they look nice ur outta ur mind!

    they dont even look nice enough to wear with a kimono top

    weird stitching and parts sticking out all over the place

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