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Sinister Pearl Weave Gi

Sinister, the company which once sponsored Anderson Silva and is owner by his manager, has now jumped into the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kimono market. Their first release into the BJJ scene is the Sinister gi which is a pearl weave and comes in either white or blue. Check below for the details.

The Sinister Kimono-Pearl Weave features:

* Kimono made of 100% Cotton
* Single piece Pearl Weave Kimono top (no back seam or attached skirt)
* Also features a synthetic rubberized collar which prevents bacteria buildup
* Gi top Free of nascar style patches, so plenty of room to represent your school or sponsors
* 80% Pre-Shrunk but will shrink in dryer on hot
* 12 oz durable canvas cotton pants which feature new bungee style adjustable cord
* Kimono does not include belt
* No gimmics, no bells… just Jiu Jitsu style

PURCHASE: Sinister Pearl Weave Gi

2 thoughts on “Sinister Pearl Weave Gi

  1. these gi’s are all the same now…”rubberized collar”, “pearl weave”, “no back seam” etc…would like to see someone come out with something innovative and original.

  2. I agree I am afraid I will eventually not be able to get a good single traditional weave pearl weaves stretch to much for my liking .

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