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Shoyoroll Batch 7 Designs

Being the good man that he is, Vince over at Shoyoroll just sent me over some info on the new Shoyoroll Batch 7 Gis. Luke Stewart, tattoo artist and Ralph Gracie black belt, did a collaboration with SYR and created The 7th Son black and orange kimono. Shoyoroll also has the Golden State gi in this batch which is whtie with blue stitching. There is some info below, but I will work on getting you all some more info as well.

GoldenState designed by: SYR

Type: 450 Gram Lightweight Pearl Weave
Color: White with Blue Stitching
Pants: 10oz Drill Cotton
Sizes: A00-A5
Limited Edition

The 7th SON designed by: Luke Stewart (World Famous Tattoo Artist) x SYR Collab project

Type: 450 Gram Lightweight Pearl Weave
Color: Black with Orange Stitching
Pants: 10oz Ripstop Pants
Sizes: A00-A5
Limited Edition

9 thoughts on “Shoyoroll Batch 7 Designs

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  2. Nice black and orange were my high school colors so it’s cool to see more and more things I can buy to represent. Like when Tapout first got the black and orange shorts I bought them first chance I got, so I’m more than likely going to get this when I find out more info and where to get it.

  3. I WANT!!!! hope these make their way over to the uk because i hate budo videos and there fed ex shipping which gets taxed £40 for a kimono

  4. […] Posted by codysweet02 Thats right suckas! Check it out, the Shoyoroll Batch 7 is just around the corner. The black and orange gi is a collab with Luke Stewart. A bit more info […]

  5. Gotta show love for SYR, Vince is an awesome dude who really helps Jiu Jitsu grow. The gi’s look awesome! I love the new comp gi, hopefully be able to get this one.

  6. Stu, you should shoot Shoyoroll an email. I’m sure there is a huge market in the UK for these.

  7. Pretty sure I am going to pick up both of these. Really diggin the Golden State (even though I am a Kings fan hah!)

  8. where can i get this gi? when is this coming out?

  9. When is the 7th son gi beinging released?

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