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Fedor Clinch Gear T-Shirt Giveaway Winners

And the lucky individuals who each slipped me a $20 are….Dylan, Shane, Josh, @TKeep123 and Adrian Oliva! You will be getting an email from me tonight with the info on how to collect your prize!

Thanks to everyone who entered. Keep your head up, you know we are always givin away free stuff here at FightTrends.

5 thoughts on “Fedor Clinch Gear T-Shirt Giveaway Winners

  1. love this game.

  2. Holy crap I won O_O I guess this means my world cup curse is done until 2014

  3. I am really thrilled! Wanted this T-shirt the moment I saw it! (Still disappointed with his loss, but he’s till The Last Emperor!)

    Thanks again,

  4. Awesome that I won!
    Thanks so much!

  5. Thanks for entering guys! Keep coming back, we will be having many more giveaways here.

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