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Tri-Coasta Korean Zombie 1.5 Shirt

Tri-Coasta is riding the Korean Zombie train all the way to the bank and just released the Korean Zombie 1.5 Shirt. It comes in black and has an awesome graphic of the Korean Zombie, from the first Korean Zombie Shirt, walking out of a graveyard with his severed arm in hand and “Korean Zombie” written in the background. The back has the SSEDA logo which I believe is one of his Korean sponsors. Also check out the Korean Zombie Flexfit hat.

PURCHASE: Tri-Coasta Korean Zombie 1.5 Shirt

2 thoughts on “Tri-Coasta Korean Zombie 1.5 Shirt

  1. very very nice!!!

  2. Yeah, I like this one even more than the original. And I really like the original.

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