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Fedor Clinch Gear Strikeforce T-Shirt Giveaway!

Thanks to the beautiful folks over at Clinch Gear, FightTrends will be giving away 5 Fedor Emelianenko Clinch Gear Strikeforce Walkout T-Shirts. Not sure on the color yet, probably will be random, but still thats 5 free tees so you all better jump on this one! As always, you can gain 3 entries. Check below for the skinny on how to win.

You can gain up to 3 entries by:

1. Leaving a comment on this post.
2. Becoming a fan of the Clinch Gear Facebook page (suggesting to your friends that they become a fan of the Clinch Gear Facebook page is an added bonus!).
3. Following Clinch Gear on Twitter and ReTweeting “RT @FightTrends Fedor Emelianenko @ClinchGear Strikeforce Shirt Giveaway! Go to to enter #MMA #Strikeforce”

Winners will be announced Sunday the 11th.

PURCHASE: Fedor Emelianenko Clinch Gear Strikeforce Walkout T-shirt

191 thoughts on “Fedor Clinch Gear Strikeforce T-Shirt Giveaway!

  1. I am following Clinch Gear on Twitter and am a fan on Facebook :]

    And here is my comment on this page haha

  2. Wow ITS pretty cool design, basic but awesome, WAR FEDOR

  3. I would love a fedor t-shirt

    I just joined the facebook page and retweeted this on twitter

    thanks fight trends

  4. Commenting on this page… Haha.

  5. Sweet shirt! I’d love to win one!

  6. Thats a sick shirt! Sherdog G and E!

  7. I want one

  8. ps i hate twitter tho

  9. One of very few walkout tees I would actually wear myself.

  10. I want one!

  11. Love the clinch gear stuff! Aswell as Hendo (one of my fav fighters hands down) great looking shit & I hope I win! Thanx
    P.s I did the other stuff too as in FB & RTing 😉 🙂

  12. One of the coolest walkout shirts ever, hook me up!

  13. my comment for the shirt. Lets go Fedor

  14. AMAZING!

  15. The RVCA was my favorite of his… now this one is!

  16. Signed. Good luck Fedor

  17. Im a fan on fb and heres my comment on here!!!!

  18. I hope I win!

  19. Pick me!

  20. Epic Shirt. Hope I win!

  21. Done!

  22. Sweet shirt.

  23. In for the shirt, of the baddest man on the planet!


  25. some one has to win right!! LOL

  26. Hell Yeah!

  27. This is awesome!!! Hope I win!

  28. I gotta say guys, this is truly an awesome shirt and it would definately look best on me. Goin’ to the fedor weigh ins in about 3 hours…PSYCHED!

  29. Hey guys gimme that shirt!

  30. nobody ever pays me in gum…

  31. posted,i asm going to the weigh ins and event.

  32. Great design! Can’t wait to watch Fedor this weekend!

  33. Can’t wait for the fight this weekend!

  34. WAR FEDOR!!! #1 P4P

  35. WAR FEDOR!!! great shirt

  36. Dan Henderson is one of my fav. fighter and of course Fedor too! 🙁 To bad there is no clinch gear in germany…. this would be nice oppertunity to get my first :D!

  37. War Fedor!

  38. i would never change my shirt if i won this

  39. That’s a good looking shirt!

  40. Damn, that’s a cool design!

  41. One of the better mma graphics I’ve seen in a while. Win or not this shirt is definitely on my list. Clinch Gear rules!

  42. I would love this shirt….I will purchase if I don’t win….WAR Fedor

    самбо; САМозащита Без Оружия

  43. Dan is the man!

  44. Fedor is the King!

  45. Thanks for the offer and I am really looking forward to the fight Saturday!

  46. Good luck Fedor !!!!

  47. Fedor the greatest fighter to ever exist.

  48. First!

  49. Shirt looks great. WAR FEDOR!!!

  50. I would love to have a shirt of that kind.
    Cant wait for the fights!

  51. Simple design, but sweet. Looking forward to the fights!!

  52. That’s the first MMA shirt I’ve ever seen that I would actually pay for.

  53. Nice shirt!

  54. I got the RCVA Fedor shirt and definately want this one too. It looks awesome!

  55. Me please!

  56. Huge Fedor fan…. This would be my first Clinch T-Shirt…

    Hope I win..

    Cheers Guys & Gals

    Will from Canada!

  57. War Fedor!

  58. Cant wait to see fedor win and the shirts look great

  59. Can’t wait for the next fight!!

  60. Fedor owns all!

  61. Fedor will win I know it! The judo is too strong in this one. Shirts look sweet. Thanks.

  62. Looks Sick!

  63. Fedor by submission just to prove his greatness!

  64. Fedor never disappoints. It should be a great fight.

  65. fedor is a great fighter

  66. Lets go Fedor

  67. FEDOR!!!

  68. Fedor is #1

  69. lets go fedor!!

  70. that shirt kicks butt , just like fedor kicks a**! awesome shirt!

  71. The shirt is screaming for my name: “Eric, take me home with you !”

  72. I need this shirt!!!!

  73. I could use a matching shirt for my Clinch Gear shorts. Thanks need to go Hendo and Aaron for starting this contest with the gang at Fight Trends.

  74. Fedor’s “Hitlist” is small
    1. Werdum
    2. Overeem
    3. Carwin (Lesnar wont have his chance!) hahaha!

  75. Great shirt design.

  76. This shirt. I need it.

  77. fedor win’s via penance stare and awesome tee

  78. I love Fedor. I would love to have that shirt. It is so awesome. I have the RVCA Fedor vs Rogers walk-out shirt. I bought it at the event in Chicago. This would be a GREAT addition to my wardrobe! I would wear it with PRIDE!

  79. AND I have done everything asked. Retweeted that on my Twitter. @sambanks2 at Twitter. I shared the page with all of my FaceBook friends, as well as followed Clinch Gear, and commented here.

  80. war fedor!

  81. Shirt looks great, true to Clinch Gear form.

  82. […] about Fight Trends' giveaway for the new Fedor t-shirt from Clinch Gear. 5 shirts up for grabs! Fedor Clinch Gear T-Shirt Giveaway! | – The Latest in Fight Fashion and Face Smashin… I was lucky enough to win a Manto rashguard from Fight Trends so I'm clearly a fan of their […]

  83. awesome shirt

  84. Fedor is the man, and winning a clinch gear t-shirt would be sweet!

  85. Sick shirt. Give it to this Shertard.

  86. The new Fedor clinch gear merch is badass. Keep up the good work guys.

  87. Shirt looks awesome!

  88. Fedor is a god. I also really need a shirt, I lost my other and I’m ugly naked!!!

  89. Sweet shirt!

  90. Please give me one of these.

  91. Way better than RVCAs!

  92. Gotta love Fedor!

  93. In for one, much better than the tapout one. Thanks ahead of time I know I’m gonna win anyways

  94. Cool shirt. Looks nice. Good to see some MMA shirts without the skulls and tribal drawings.

  95. Shirt looks great! Tapout failed…………. This will be a one sided fight beat down courtesy of FEDOR!!!!!

  96. Go fedor! Overeem is next!

  97. This shirt looks amazing, agree with previous posts – Tapout failed with their design. I’m not into any Tapout tees really, the image they push is like some WWE nonsense IMO.

  98. Fedor es mi amigo

  99. Great shirt

  100. Fedor is the greatest fighter of all time! Great shirt!

  101. Woot.

  102. Gladiator = Fedor!

  103. Congrats w/the Clinch Gear line Hendo, I know Dana & “the politics” haven’t made life easy but now landing Fedor’s OFFICIAL Walkout shirt – that’s awesome man. Can’t wait to
    see you fight again, I think u Ko’d Shields & then when his head hit the canvas he woke back up – that’s MMA though. Anyways all the best to you in the future & I’m not gonna act like I can’t use a free Fedor shirt – send me one! LoL. Thx HendO

  104. Fedor is going to ko him….. Nice shirt!

  105. Awesome shirt hope to win one!

  106. Best Fedor shirt I seen, nice!

  107. Best of luck to the Last Emperor Saturday! Werdum is dumed.

  108. Shirt looks awesome!!!!!

  109. I hope I win!

  110. That shirt, I must have it!

  111. Going to the fight tonight! Cant wait!! GO FEDOR!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Fedor should be fighting for the title already. If he doesn’t get a title shot after he walks all over Werdum, Strikeforce will lose even more credibility.

  113. I’m 9/10ths sure Joe Son and/or Wallid Ismail are the greatest fighter(s) of all time.

  114. I wish the best of luck to Fedor in todays fight.

  115. WaR Fedor WaR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. War Fedor!

  117. Nice shirts,Fedor by TKO

  118. Sweet looking shirt! Never thought I’d see a Fedor Collection at Clinch Gear. Best of luck to the Last Emperor tonight and of course… War Fedor!

  119. Shirt looks awesome I bought the RVCA shirt and now I need this one after the Tapout deal didn’t go through….WAR FEDOR!!!

  120. Cool Shirt !!!!!

  121. Cool shirt.. Fedor by decision

  122. Can’t wait! even though I’ll be working..

  123. Lemme get some Fedor up in this biiitch!

  124. amazing shirt

  125. Just want to say I think its stupid what the UFC is doing by playing hardball with the whole Tapout shirt stuff. I would love to have one of these. I like Clinch gear’s stuff. Send me an x-large!

  126. WAR FEDOR!!

  127. Nice shirt! Surprised to see the “clinch gear” writing since Fedor hardly uses the clinch but still beautiful shirt.

  128. LOVE the shirts and the RED color is Awesome! (but I’ll take any color if I win!


  129. War Fedor!

  130. I follow you on Twitter and have RT’d the contest DURING the PPV!!! (That should be worth extra points! )

  131. I’m a FAN (LIKE) onj FB vias my FB ID: Fred Farmer and I’ve left a comment as well!


  132. Not sure where my frist comment went, but I praised the new FEDOR shorts and LOVE the RED color!

  133. Nice shirts…As always Clinch Gear comes thru with quality gear!

  134. I love this shirt. RVCA usually impresses me and this is no exception

  135. WTF fedor is not supposed to lose. Send me a red xxl shirt

  136. Fedor lost I wasnt expecting that

  137. Hi. Like the shirt, wish Fedor had won tonight!

  138. Great Shirt, Great Clothing Line. Great Fighter. Size Small Please 😀

  139. Hope I’m not too late. Quality shirt. Clinch Gear >>>>>>> TapOut’s constantly repeated design

  140. sucks fedor lost, but the shirt would be nice next to my RVCA and Affliction Fedor shirts

  141. thats a nice shirt.

  142. in for contest : D

  143. Cool shirt. Really like how there are no skulls.

  144. want to win that shirt

  145. That sucks that fedor lost but his comment was awesome afterwards, The one who doesn’t fall cant stand.


  146. Fedor is the man, always going to be a fan.

  147. I’m a bigger fan of Fedor now than I ever was.

  148. I am a huge fan of Fedor and sad he lost. Mixes up the HW division though and could be good for the sport. We can only hope.

  149. Awesome Fedor shirt! Looking forward to the rematch between him and Werdum!

  150. That’s a purdy shirt.

  151. ‘The one who doesn’t fall cant rise’
    but both version sound cool
    fedor is the man and clinch are cool for supporting him
    props to werdum for being the first to beat him
    ufc are banning anyone who sponsors fedor
    from all their events or fighters
    so f*** the ufc lame mofos
    im blacking out the ufc logo on my gloves
    and putting FEDOR on em
    TBH the clinch fight shorts are the best ive seen
    and this shirt looks cool

  152. I have three mma shirts and to have a chance on winning a shirt like this would be very great. Fedor is a great fighter and fighters make mistakes. He will bounce back I am sure.

  153. What are the other colors?

  154. Simple and elegant.

  155. Leaving a comment.

  156. This shirt looks great. Red is a cool color but the black is smokin.

  157. Fedor is still the greatest.

  158. Awesome shirt!

  159. Crown Eagle or whatever BadAss

  160. Fedor will be back. “The one who never falls, doesnt stand up”

  161. sweet shirt i sure hope i win!

  162. looks great

  163. I never miss one of these give aways, cool shirt, cool website. Entered all 3 ways, thanks for these give aways!!

  164. I want that shirt!!!

  165. Fedor is still the GOAT!

  166. nice t-shirt would rly love 2 have it

  167. definitely a wonderful shirt, it was a great event and an epic moment.. I’m happy I was there to witness Fedor in person unfortunate that he lost to a very technical triangle, great work by Werdum… Nice giveaway Cody..

  168. Enter me please!

  169. Entry! slick shirt 🙂

  170. Big Fedor fan =)

  171. wheee another fight trends giveaway you guys rock

  172. nice shirt Fedor is the man even though he lost

  173. the shirt looks nice.

  174. The Last Emperor is still the G.O.A.T.

  175. In like flynn!

  176. Nice!

  177. Sick design, never tried any of clinch gears stuff before but I heard their shorts are awesome… I wish I could see Fedor fight more often…

  178. love the design love the fighter…

  179. is this still going on?

  180. The guy I am dating would love this shirt 🙂 We watched some great Fedor fights last night 🙂

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