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Venum THQ Fight Shorts

The Venum THQ Fight Shorts seem to be built on the same design as other Venum fight shorts. The THQ shorts come in either black or white with the large Venum logo on the right thigh. They aer very lightweight and made of a glossy microfiber and have a stretch panel in the crotch. Venum has recently released several other pairs of fight shorts so check back later in the week to see them as well.

PURCHASE: Venum THQ Fight Shorts Black

PURCHASE: Venum THQ Fight Shorts White

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  1. como faz para comprar com vo├žes?

  2. […] Venum seems to be releasing more fight shorts than anyone on the market these days. So many that I can barely keep up. Their latest that caught my eye are the Venum Hurricane FX Fight Shorts. These new mma shorts sport the traditional Venum style with the large Venum logo on one thigh. The contrasting white and blue color scheme really makes these stand out. If blue isn’t your thing, than check out the Venum THQ Undisputed Fight Shorts. […]

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