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Shoyoroll Comp Standard 450 Gi

In anticipation of the new Shoyoroll Batch #7, here are some design pictures of the Shoyoroll Comp Standard 500 Gi. Here is some info straight from the man himself:

“We here at Shoyoroll wanted to release a basic heavy duty lightweight competition and training all around gi. This is our standard 2010 lightweight competition kimono. We gave it a very basic and classic look. We removed the inside lining, but kept the cut similar to our previous batch #6 style. If you are looking for a great all around lightweight competition and training kimono, the Comp Standard 450 is your best option. These will be a short run of kimonos for 2010 and will not be restocked in 2011, so pick them up quick.”

Model: Comp Standard 450
Color: White
Retail: $145
Presale begins: 6/1/10 – Presale ends 6/4/10
Estimated Shipping Dates: 6/11/10

– Lightweight 450g pearl weave fabric
– One piece jacket with no back seam
– Custom IPOD/ID pocket
– EVA Foam Collar
– Contrasting color stitch
– Heavy Reinforced Seams
– Tailored Fit

– 8oz Drill cotton Pants w/Gold Weave Gusset
– Stretchy Rope Drawstring
– 6 Point loop system
– Gold weave knee pads
– Contrasting color stitch
– Heavy Reinforced Seams
– Tailored Fit

PURCHASE: Shoyoroll Comp Standard 500 Gi

14 thoughts on “Shoyoroll Comp Standard 450 Gi

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  2. is there another color coming out? Seems so much like the batch #6…

  3. AFT, there is no other colors of this coming out. However, Batch #7 is right around the corner and I assume there will be a couple colors of that.

  4. ahhhhhh this ISN’T batch #7….that’s why this design is very similar to the previous one. It’s an in between release!

    gotcha! thanks man

  5. I still ordered it, love SYR might never go back!

  6. Are Shoyoroll kimonos made by Ouano? I heard they were and I like the Ouano fit but I have never tried on the SYR and don’t want to chance it.

  7. Got it before it sold out! wish they offered a little more detail or an actual picture, but I just trust them at this point to come through.

  8. Tyler, SYR is by far my favorite. I’m even selling old gis to get some cash for Batch #7 hah.

    Derek, I have never tried a Quano but I know that SYR are not made BY Quano, but have no clue if both Quano and Shoyoroll are made in the same factory.

    bmg, I don’t think you will be disappointed. I bought my Batch #6 before I saw real pictures and it is awesome. Gotta take the leap with SYR but it always seems to work out great.

  9. there are photos of this gi up on Budovideos facebook page

  10. Are these pre-shrunked?

  11. someone had this at my class today

    they look really good

  12. I was gravely disappointed in this gi. Sleeves were too long even when dried to fit…but the worst is when i washed the pants (in cold water) the drawstring bled all over the pants. The yellow drawstring made it look as though there are urine stains on my pants.

    For a $150 gi, it left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

  13. I have washed the gi 3 or 4 times and the drawstring has not bled at all. There are reviews on Sherdog as well and no one has mentioned anything about the yellow bleeding onto the white of the gi. You are the only person I have heard mention this problem. Shoyoroll has top notch customer service, you should contact them and send them a pic and they will make it right.

    As far as the fit, what size did you order and what is your height and weight? A2 fit me fine and I am 180lbs and just over 5 9.

  14. Have the same experience as Thepriest555, but the stains are from the loops as well as the cord. Cannot say i’m disappointed yet, as the yellow almost went away in the next wash. I’ll wait till the next wash and then make up my mind about being disappointed

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