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Scramble Manto Lock and Roll T-Shirt

Scramble and Manto have teamed up to create a limited run of the Lock and Roll T-Shirt. I’ll let Scramble do the talkin on this one:

“Scramble have collaborated with the might mighty Manto for a super special, super exclusive limited edition, super awesome explosion of front, back and shoulder print t-shirt purpleness in your face.

“Lock & Roll”… get it? Like Rock and Roll! Only Janglished! And to do with locking! And rolling! And jiu jitsu stuff!

The back says “Sekai Ichi” in Japanese, which means “World Number 1″.

And there is a nod to The Greatest on the shoulder … 400-0. We believe you, man.”

PURCHASE: Scramble Stuff Manto Lock and Roll T-Shirt

3 thoughts on “Scramble Manto Lock and Roll T-Shirt

  1. Very cool to see Manto and Scramble stuff workng together. Cant wait to see more from both these companies in the future.

  2. Love this T design so much I bought one and wore it for three days straight. I smell now but man I look cool.

  3. Thats ok Meerkatsu, at least you look good! Love the blog btw.

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