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New NoGi Indsutries Zip Ups – First Look!

As we start heading into summer, we here at NoGi industries are already looking towards the fall with the release of two new zip hoods. These yet to be named hoods should be dropping around September and be perfect for the cool Fall weather.

These are just samples and they still need a few tweaks but you can see the details we’ve added.

The first is 300gm soft fleece with custom NoGi embellishments and includes an iPod/Mp3 pouch and a Nylon lining. Yeah it’s different and a little bold but we like it that way!

The second is a little more laid back with the NoGi vines design. This one also includes the same embellishments along with a quilted hood and elbow pads, applique and silk screened artwork and PVC logo hits.

Just a few more tweaks and these things are good to go. Oh, and I guess we need names, eh? Perhaps we should have a contest to name them?
“The real NoGi since 2003”

8 thoughts on “New NoGi Indsutries Zip Ups – First Look!

  1. when the hell is the everest in grey going drop?!

    the second one is super cool looking. i say you call it patchwork since the elbows are that unique…. but thats my entry into the “contest”

  2. Utter brilliance! Both look outstanding, once again terrific stuff from Nogi. I really like the first one and the second keeps growing on me.

  3. call the first one “victory” since the patterns of the cloth make “v”s

    call the second one “wrap” in keeping with the vines theme– wrapped in vines?

    but more importantly, where’s the April gear??

  4. Glad you guys like the new gear. Big ups to NoGi for letting us break the news!

  5. […] more photos of the details over at FightTrends. Leave a comment and let NoGi know what you think. New NoGi Indsutries Zip Ups – First Look! | – The Latest in Fight Fashion and … __________________ – Coupon Codes for PerformanceMMA, MMAWarehouse, etc. […]

  6. If they are half as good as the Everest hoodie, I’m in. As for names, I second “Victory” for the first one; I like “Hemlock” for the black one with the vine design.

  7. Glad you guys liked the new designs! I can say this for sure that the quality is as good or even better than the first Everest.
    I like your guys’ name suggestions. Please hold on to them and we’ll have an official name contest as we get closer to the release date.

    The Grey Everest should be here mid June along with IBJJF and Rank Volts. We expected them in April but the factories had a bit of trouble getting enough material for us. That being said, they are in production and are expected to land around June 20th.

    We made some improvements to the Everest, mainly fixing a few problems with the last batch as well as changing the sizing. Since it’s got so much heavy lining, we made the sizes larger so it fits more like a jacket and it looks really good. I’ll have more details once I get some more production samples.

  8. ahem *and gals*

    thanks for the production ETA update. I’ll start saving up now! 🙂

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