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Reversal Giant Man Triangle T-Shirt

I know all you fellow Jiu Jitsu guys out there are going to love this. Thanks to Choke Sports, we can now get our hands on the Reversal Giant Man Triangle T-Shirt. Giant Man Triangle T-Shirt, could there be a better name for a Japanese Jiu Jitsu tee? Aside from the giant dude chokin his opponent until he turns blue, this tee also has the Reversal logo on the sleeve and the letter 3 large and on the front. For what? I do not know.

PURCHASE: Reversal Giant Man Triangle T-Shirt

3 thoughts on “Reversal Giant Man Triangle T-Shirt

  1. The shirt looks pretty dope in all colors. Reversal always makes great looking gear with amazing artwork.

  2. Hey folks, make sure to use the coupon “HAJIME” in the shopping cart or during checkout to trigger special discounts.

  3. Thanks Chokeman! I didn’t even know of that.

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