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Triumph United The Fed T-Shirt

Here is another of Triumph*Uniteds latest t-shirt designs, The Fed. The Fed tee comes in grey and is Muay Thai inspired with Thai writing across the top and “Muay Thai Federation” across the bottom. It also has the Triumph*United logo running up the back of the tee and on the sleeve.

PURCHASE: Triumph*United The Fed T-Shirt

3 thoughts on “Triumph United The Fed T-Shirt

  1. Really nice shirt. I’d wear it. I like the yellow lettering on a grey background.

  2. I do like what Triumph has been doing (except for the ManU rip off) and its not a bad price at all, good stuff

  3. I really like the artwork that is based in the thai and the art of muay thai cultures. I know this shirt is not exactly that but I do like it alot.

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