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Warrior International Shane Carwin Giveaway Winners

And the winners of the Shane Carwin Warrior International UFC 111 Walkout T-Shirt Contest are….KevCheek, Mike, John, MC Hammer, Chris C, cj, Kent, xboxer, philip and Tyler!

We have tons more giveaways lined up so be sure to keep checking back regularly so you don’t miss out!

9 thoughts on “Warrior International Shane Carwin Giveaway Winners

  1. Sweet!! Thanks Cody, Fighttrends, and warrior international!

  2. Awesome! You guys rock, thanks a bunch.

  3. Awesome! Shane Carwin is the man! Thanks guys. I really appreciate it.

  4. I hope i’m the only cj, because that would make my day

  5. Sweet first time winning a contest here, Time to board the Shane Train!!

  6. Will we be receiving an email on how to claim the prize?

  7. Yeah, wondering that too

  8. Mike, you were sent an email on the 4th and never responded. I will resend it, please respond ASAP.

  9. Booyaah got mine in the mail today! Looks awesome. Thanks again!

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