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RVCA Fedor Emelianenko and Vitor Belfort Track Jackets

Hopefully soon we will get to see these guys in action, but if not, atleast we have these new RVCA Fedor Emelianenko and Vitor Belfort Track Jackets to rock around town. Their BJ Penn track jacket was popular and I was hoping RVCA would follow suit and make them for Fedor and Belfort as well. Not only can you have their track jackets, but you could have an entire matching set with the RVCA Fedor Emelianenko Strikeforce Walkout T-Shirt, RVCA Fedor Emelianenko Hat, RVCA Vitor Belfort Sword T-Shirt and the RVCA Vitor Belfort Hat.

PURCHASE: RVCA Fedor Emelianenko Track Jacket

PURCHASE: RVCA Vitor Belfort Track Jacket

6 thoughts on “RVCA Fedor Emelianenko and Vitor Belfort Track Jackets

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  2. Fedors sweet looking jacket.

  3. I like them both, hopefully RVCA will continue to sponsor mma fighters with good gear and great designs. They sponsor many of the top BJJ players, they should make some name gear for the mendes bros and others.

  4. I like all three jackets that RVCA have produced, nice stuff…. Then again I enjoy their fashion as a whole

  5. $109 for a plain looking, polyester garment? The logo on the back is basically just a Russian symbol. It would be like putting Stars and Stripes on the back of a cheap jacket that says “Randy Couture” on it somewhere. How much it cost to make…$3.95?

  6. […] of the other Fedor Strikeforce clothing with its color and design. It is also very similar to the RVCA Fedor Track Jacket that was released not that long ago. You now those Russian gangsters and their track […]

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