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Warrior International Giveaway – 10 Shane Carwin UFC 111 Walkout T-Shirts

Warrior International has stepped up and given us our biggest gieaway yet, 10 FREE Shane Carwin UFC 111 Walkout T-Shirts! As always, you can gain up to three entries for your chance to win one of these tees. Check out the rules below.

You can gain up to 3 entries by:

1. Leaving a comment on this post.
2. Becoming a friend of the Warrior Myspace page.
3. Following Warrior on Twitter and ReTweeting “RT @FightTrends RT and Follow @WarriorInt to Win One of 10 Shane Carwin Walkout T-Shirts! #MMA #UFC

Winners will be announced April 3rd.

Don’t forget to add FightTrends to Twitter and Facebook while you are at it!

PURCHASE: Shane Carwin Warrior International UFC 111 Walkout T-Shirt

72 thoughts on “Warrior International Giveaway – 10 Shane Carwin UFC 111 Walkout T-Shirts

  1. This shirt is sick! I hope I win. War #teamcarwin. Future HW champ!

  2. Nice looking shirt! Id love to win it

  3. Warrior! Sherdog!

  4. Go Team Carwin!

  5. G&E’er here! Another great giveaway from you guys!

  6. Another great T shirt from Warrior + Another great giveaway from Fight Trends = Awesomeness

  7. Warrior for life!

  8. cool shirt awesome giveaway fight trends!

  9. WAR CARWIN WAR!!!!!!!!!

  10. […] give away yet @ Fight Trends Warrior International Giveaway – 10 Shane Carwin UFC 111 Walkout T-Shirts | – The La… Biggest give away yet, 10 FREE Shane Carwin UFC 111 Walkout T-Shirts! Same deal as always, you […]

  11. Nice Warrior!

  12. Phenomkidd from Sherdog’s G&E!
    Following Warrior and retweeted as well as befriended Warrior’s Myspace!

  13. Made all 3 entries, BIG Carwin fan!!!!

  14. Awesome shirt! Someone would be very happy & lucky!

  15. That’s a slick looking shirt!

  16. I don’t even want this shirt but my my unstoppable desire to get free stuff is forcing me to post.

  17. Nice looking shirt from Warrior. Thanks Fight Trends for hookin’ us up! I hope I win!

  18. Badass shirt, Carwin is a BEAST

  19. I know just the guy for this shirt, and surprisingly it’s not me. But like the guy above, I can’t say no to a giveaway contest.

  20. very sick shirt.

  21. Love the shirt. Will go well with my gray cammo Warrior shorts!

  22. nice shirt. i hope i win!

  23. I want this. Waaaaaaaaar Carwin!

  24. Sweet looking shirt.

  25. looks good. should be a great fight that night!

  26. Looks great!

  27. I can dig this. Me wants one.

  28. Not the best looking shirt in my opinion, but hey what the hell, can’t say no to entering a giveaway.

  29. Nice shirt. I’d sure like one!

  30. […] Leaving a comment at here: 2. Becoming a friend of the Warrior Myspace page. 3. Following Warrior on Twitter and ReTweeting […]

  31. I would look dandy in a large

  32. Killler shirt,Long live to FIGHT TRENDS!:)

  33. That shirt is sick! Carwin is the real deal!

  34. I have met Shane he is a class act. I hope he can put one of those giant hands on Frank Mir’s chin.

  35. Count me in for the giveaway!

  36. Pick me, carwin’s my favorite fighter!

  37. Wow! That’s one of the best shirts I’ve ever seen. Patriotic, yet displaying the Warrior Spirit!

  38. Would be nice to win a Medium. Carwin for the win!

  39. That there is a pretty sweet looking T

  40. Sweet Tees.

  41. count me in.

  42. free shirt ftw!

  43. Awesome looking shirt! XL PLEASE.

  44. get me in on this deal! awesome shirt

  45. war carwin. I hope he crushes “Murr” old school kick it!!!!!

  46. I hope it is a was between Mir and Carwin. Just a bloody 15 minute war.

  47. that is the best walkout shirt i think ive seen awesome warrior rules go carwin

  48. This is most awesome I ever seen! I would love to own it! He is most sick HW! With that power punch!

  49. How patriotic. I like it.

  50. i love this shirt, very cool

  51. love this shit! must have!

  52. Love this shirt*! must have!

  53. awesome shirt!!!! I am hoping Carwin pummels mir and grinds him through the cage like a cheese grader!

  54. Sweet shirt…. Even sweeter fight between Carwin and Mir….. Can’t wait…

  55. Carwin rocked tonite! His shirt was sweet. Poor Mir. Now he needs to obsess over Lesnar and Carwin.

  56. Following on Twitter and just retweeted!! Thanks!

  57. these shirts are awesome. Love the flage and black background.

  58. Cool lookin shirt!

  59. hella yeah carwin war wagon

  60. Awesome shirt! Great design for a true american! Great fight saturday also!

  61. cool tee

  62. After what Carwin did to Mir, I want that shirt.

  63. Mir Sucks, Carwin is going to destroy Lesnar! Awesome Walkout shirt!

  64. carwin killed last fight, all aboard the freight train express.

  65. I would really like a shirt! I will wear it all over Colorado to support Shane!

  66. Carwin was a beast

  67. Nice win for Carwin! Looking forward to Brock vs. Carwin.

  68. Carwin is the man!

  69. carwin should have gotten a stoppage like ruo, same situation

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