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In Memory of Charles Mask Lewis

Today marks the one year anniversary of the death of Charles “Mask” Lewis Jr. He touched the lives of many fighters and fans and truely had a passion for the sport. Since I really can’t sum up who Mask was in a few paragraphs, I’ll let these videos do the talking. Rest in peace Charles.

2 thoughts on “In Memory of Charles Mask Lewis

  1. It still hits me hard that it has been that long since Mask’s passing. The world truely lost an amazing person, the videos did a great job of not only showing his awesome character but his inspirational beliefs as well.

    R.I.P Mask

  2. Tyler you hit it right on the head. I wish Mask would have lived long enough to write some kind of a book or something. It could have helped so many people just like me who need that extra motivation to really chase their dreams. It really could have jump started so many great individuals to achieve even more.

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