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TapouT Kimbo Punch Out T-Shirt

The new TapouT Kimbo Punch Out T-Shirt has the same Nintendo Punch Out inspired theme as Jens Pulvers tee does. The round timer on this tee even reads 3:09 to give props to Kimbos home town of Miami. On the back it has a 8-bit style TapouT logo a long with the words “All Day”.

PURCHASE: TapouT Kimbo Punch Out T-Shirt

4 thoughts on “TapouT Kimbo Punch Out T-Shirt

  1. LOL, punch out is the next big style in mma trends

  2. lmao its so bad it actually pretty good

    only a kimbo version of this could look great

    jens pulver not so much

  3. Actually it says 3:05, not 3:09, 305 is the area code for Miami. 309 is West Central IL.

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