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Venum Brazilian Flag Fight Shorts White

Venums popular Brazilian Flag Fight Shorts have now been released in white. These Venum fight shorts are 100% polyester microfiber with reinforced split seems, a four-way stretch panel and a velcro enclosure. The Venum Brazilian flag fight shorts are also available in black.

PURCHASE: Venum Brazilian Flag Fight Shorts

3 thoughts on “Venum Brazilian Flag Fight Shorts White

  1. I like them, but also this marks just about every popular clothing line putting together flag shorts.

    Celebrate? Maybe….

  2. Personally I like the black ones better, these are alright. Makes sense to hit Brazil up for shorts though, with Rio being chosen for the olympics and such. Coat of arms are pretty popular with everything going on, we watch the winter olympics and want to win, why not represent our country on the mat/in the cage.

  3. look great

    id buy them

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