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Scramble Stuff Newaza T-Shirt

Scramble Stuff now has their own line of t-shirts, the Scramble Newaza t-shirts. These Newaza tees are inspired by both grappling and the awesome Japanese useage of Engrish. From the Scramble Stuff website:

The latest Scramble shirt. Bringing you big, bold and colourful prints with a Japanese twist. Front features the Japanese characters for “newaza” meaning ground techniques. The kanji on the back read “Jiu Jitsu, Kakutougi (combat sports – mma), Grappling”

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4 thoughts on “Scramble Stuff Newaza T-Shirt

  1. Could we see competition for reversal, inspirit? I like this stuff. Diversity is good thing

  2. Scramble Stuff is a one man show too so give him some love and share this stuff on forums and anywhere else that you can.

  3. cool very cool!!!

    good luck to these guys

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