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Wanderlei Silva UFC 110 Walkout Clothing

Jaco Clothing, Silver Star Casting and Wanderlei Silva all teamed up at UFC 110 in Sydney, Australia to make sure Wand was the best dressed fighter in the building. Rocking the Jaco Brazil Resurgence Fight Shorts, Jaco Brazil Tenacity Hat and his Silver Star UFC 110 Walkout T-Shirt, Silva no doubt had some awesome gear. As you all know, the Brazilian flag is my favorite color scheme so I had to post up Wands entire walkout collection. If any of you feel like gettin me a late Christmas present grab me up that Jaco Brazil hat!

PURCHASE: Wanderlei Silva Silver Star UFC 110 Walkout T-Shirt

PURCHASE: Jaco Brazil Resurgence Fight Shorts

PURCHASE: Jaco Brazil Tenacity Hat

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