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Punishment Athletics Full Force T-Shirt

The Punishment Athletics Full Force T-Shirt is the latest in Tito Ortizs personal line. This new tee sports “Punishment Athletics” written across the font and the back along with their fist and star logo in several spots. Both the front and back of the shirt have an identical design. It is 100% cotton and comes in a standard fit.

PURCHASE: Punishment Athletics Full Force T-Shirt

2 thoughts on “Punishment Athletics Full Force T-Shirt

  1. Fists, Stars, Fists on top of stars, TUF style font. Nothing really captures the senses here…

  2. I’m not a fan of this shirt. I don’t know how punishment athletics stays afloat as a business, ’cause Tito’s about as irrelevant as they come to the LHW division and I have never seen anyone rocking one of his brand’s clothes.

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