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Pride Rising Sun T-Shirt

I have been seeing a lot of PrideFC shirts for sale lately and because I LOVE Pride I thougt I’d let you all in on it. Here is the Pride Rising Sun T-Shirt which is available in any color you want as long as it’s red. Comes complete with the Pride logo across the front with silver foil in the background.

PURCHASE: Pride Rising Sun T-Shirt

5 thoughts on “Pride Rising Sun T-Shirt

  1. Not my favorite PRIDE shirt but this is completely awesome none the less…. One draw back (due to douchebaggery) might be the foil aspect but ehhhh F it, the shirt is still cool as hell..

  2. I like the red, I also agree about the foil look but it still is a nice shirt. Would be nice if Zuffa started reprinting shirts from classic pride events. 2000 GP, Fedor/Nog 3, Fedor/Cro cop, and don’t forget Bushido events.

  3. ufc whoring out the pride logo for $$$

    these screen printed shirts will never be worth as much as the classic DSE t-shirts.

  4. same thing

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