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Warrior Wear Team Nogueira Fight Shorts

These brand new Nogueira Warrior Wear Fight Shorts will be available in March but Rodrigo Nogueira will be wearing them at UFC 110 as he takes on Cain Velasquez in Sydney, Australia. They come in either grey or white and sport the Team Nogueira logo all over them.

3 thoughts on “Warrior Wear Team Nogueira Fight Shorts

  1. they look great

  2. I like the grey shorts. Good Stuff.

  3. […] Warrior Wear Team Nogueira Fight Shorts For Big Nogs UFC 110 fight against Cain Velasquez Warrior International stepped up and created Team Nogueira their very own pair of fight shorts. These shorts are similar to Warriors other shorts except they sport the Minotauro logo all over the fight shorts instead of the Warrior logo. […]

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