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New Nogi Volt Rank Shorts

Coming this April we will be offering our popular Nogi Volt fight shorts in contrasting white (Not shown), blue, purple and brown. This is a great way to show off your rank while training or competing. The embroidery and stitching has been improved this time around and the all black versions are IBJJF approved for all IBJJF nogi events.

Coming April 2010!
“The real NoGi since 2003”

5 thoughts on “New Nogi Volt Rank Shorts

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  2. Hot Damn! Those are impressive, sign me up!

  3. another reason to look forward to spring… I’m going to be so broke

  4. well…when i get my blue belt I’ll have to show my rank with my shorts…

  5. […] Nogi Volt Rank Fight Shorts that Dave let us know about in February are now available for purchase. These new Nogis meet the new IBJJF criteria for competition legal […]

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