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Reversal RVDDW Beach and Surf Zip Hood Parka

Here is the latest from Reversal, their Beach and Surf Zip Hood Parka. It has a killer beach scene printed inside of the Reversal logo on the back and a surf board with the reversal logo on it running up the sleeves. The hoodie comes in either white or grey.

PURCHASE: Reversal Beach & Surf Zip Hood Parka

8 thoughts on “Reversal RVDDW Beach and Surf Zip Hood Parka

  1. That white one is dope, i want one!

  2. i dont understand why their products are so expensive? is it really worth $150? not in my mind… ill have to pass.

  3. Once again, reversal makes a sick looking product and once again I can not afford it.

  4. I hear you on that one. I’d love to snag this up, but ain’t droppin $150 on a hoodie anytime soon. Their products are imported from Japan but other than that I am not sure why they are so expensive. Probably because they have to have high margins to make it profitable since this is such a small niche. Not many American MMA fans know nor care about Reversal products. If they didn’t make a high margin per sale they probably couldn’t afford to import the stuff, store it in a warehouse, hire employees, etc.

  5. 150 for a hoodie uhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm NO I’m good, they are cool as hell but not that cool

  6. Actually charges the same prices you will find in Japan. But yes, I agree these are expensive items in general. The reason being that almost everything is made in Japan and production costs are high over there.

    Price aside, you can be sure of the high quality. The Japanese are known for their attention to detail.

    Still you can always save by using the discount coupons that are sent out on the monthly newsletters. The latest coupon is “randori” and it triggers 5% off of orders $150 and higher (subottal).

  7. hmmm… thanks for the idea, chokeman. I’ll be sure to sign up for the newsletter.

  8. […] Beach and Surf T-Shirt comes in white, yellow or ice green and sports the same beach design as the Reversal RVDDW Beach and Surf Zip Hood Parka. The back features a surfboard done up in Reversal logos and motifsand the front rocks a awesome […]

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