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New Born Stronger Logo

Born Stronger has just revamped their entire line, starting with the Born Strong logo. My friend Mike over at Ludwig Clothing recently finished up the redesigned Born Stronger logo and let me take a peek at it. Leave some feedback and let them know what you think.

8 thoughts on “New Born Stronger Logo

  1. Nice Logo. Looks like they are working with that same company who did the Inspirit logo…they know their stuff.

  2. I like this version much better than their last version…

  3. Nice work Mike!

  4. not bad if I dont say so myself.

  5. I like it. I’m glad more companies are switching to the clean look instead of skulls and gothic artwork.

  6. Glen, it is the same guy who did the new Inspirit logo. He is the man, does awesome work. In the next few days I’ll have some new Born Stronger t-shirts up which he designed as well. Or, atleast I believe he designed them. Gotta DBL check on that.

  7. Wow, I remember Todd Duffee wearing that company logo a while back…is he still sponsored by them? – this logo looks way better than the other one in the octagon shape.

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