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Venum Giveaway – 5 Amazonia 2.0 Fight Shorts

So the time has come for yet another FightTrends giveaway! This time we have Venum stepping up to the plate and offering up 5 lucky winners to get a free pair of Venum Amazonia 2.0 fight shorts like the ones worn by Thiago Silva at UFC 108 against Rashad Evans.

You can gain up to 3 entries by:

1. Leaving a comment on this post.
2. Becoming a fan of the Venum Facebook page (suggesting to your friends that they become a fan of the Venum Facebook page is an added bonus!).
3. Following Venum on Twitter and ReTweeting β€œRT @FightTrends ReTweet This and Follow @VenumFight For a Chance to Win One of FIVE Venum Amazonia 2.0 Fight Shorts! #MMA #UFC”

Winners will be announced Saturday the 20th.

Don’t forget to add FightTrends to Twitter and Facebook while you are at it!

PURCHASE: Venum Amazonia 2.0 Fight Shorts

146 thoughts on “Venum Giveaway – 5 Amazonia 2.0 Fight Shorts

  1. I love venum

  2. G&E’er here. Thanks for the contests, guys!

    The new Venum’s are pretty sick.

  3. Venum is a solid product, I like a lot of their stuff thx for the giveaway Cody have a good ome

  4. Sweet looking shorts.

  5. These shorts are pretty tight! Thanks for the chance.

  6. Another great contest!

    Yay for Fight Trends

  7. Gimmie those shorts!

  8. Venum make great gear!

  9. Venum looks to make awesome products! I’m definitely in, I hope I win though!
    Sherdog G/Eer here!

  10. Gimme some free stuff!

  11. awesome! I heard you guys have new gloves and pads coming out too, cant wait

  12. Hayoooo. Venum shorts ftw!

  13. Schweet shorts, Sign me up

  14. Enter me in. the brown ones look awesome

  15. I effin LOVE Venum. Great shorts.

  16. Hmm fight shorts are the only equipment I need for class now (usually just wear gi pants) would be sweet to win a pair of these since I’m broke lol

    thanks for these contests, they keep me looking forward to something

  17. Saw this on sherdog, I need that shorts!

  18. It would be awesome to wear a pair of these in black…they look awesome. Venum has some cool stuff, hope I win.

  19. The new Venum Amazonia 2.0 looks sick!

  20. venum shorts look sick and Thiago silva won that fight!

  21. Venum shorts are pretty awesome.

  22. I’ve heard lots of great things about Venum shorts and have always wanted to try them.

  23. Pretty awesome looking shorts, there.

  24. Awesome competition. Love the look of the shorts as well!

  25. I love venum fight shorts! I retweeted the news on

  26. Awesome looking shorts!

  27. Hope I win one. Nice!

  28. Venum is awesome!!

  29. Come on… papa needs a pair of new shorts!

  30. I could use some new mma shorts!

  31. Hook a brother up, dawg!

  32. Venum rules and their shorts kick ass

  33. Yeah Venum! If I don’t win these I’ll be buying them anyway haha

  34. I could use these shorts. My old pair is looking beat up.

  35. Wow, the new colors are awesome!

  36. Wow, Venum has the coolest looking shorts.

  37. Venum Fight Gear looks so sick. I have to get some.

  38. Awesome looking shorts. I’d love to try out a pair and review them!

  39. These are sexy!

  40. i want some of those clothes very badly haha.
    im trying to win some.
    im 18 and im trying to start training in mma.

  41. very nice…

  42. Thanks!

  43. Couple of guys at my gym own these. They are slick and fit very nicely.

  44. These things are damnnnnn sexy.

  45. These shorts look awesome!

  46. Count me in.

  47. Thank you fighttrends and venumm for putting this together and helping out your supporters and fans!!!

  48. Those shorts look awesome! I hope I win. Size 34 please πŸ™‚

  49. Sign me up!

  50. sweet

  51. Obligatory post with witty observations. Thanks to everyone on Sherdog’s G&E forum for the heads up.

  52. Best looking shorts on the market without a doubt!

  53. Good looking shorts and nice of y’all to do this giveaway!

  54. Already ordered a pair of black from mma warehouse, I love the previous shorts.
    The new ones look so slick.

  55. i like the brown ones.

  56. WAR Venum

  57. I loved the thiago silva shorts woo!!

  58. Wow, took me like an hour to figure out how to post a reply. I’m typing in an invisible box right now. Anyways, help a broke college student out with a free pair of shorts, thanks to the G&E section at sherdog.
    Love the Venum shorts, some of the nicest I’ve seen.

  59. Shorts are sick. very, very nice.

  60. Sign me up! Long time fan on Twitter, @chepyo

  61. Sign me up

  62. I love venum products. too bad I can’t afford any right now… Sign me up for free shorts please πŸ™‚

  63. I’ve been wanting a pair of these for a long time…

  64. some slick looking shorts!!!!!!!! awesome contest!

  65. i love your products me and some other guys here in the army wear your short when grappling here in iraq

  66. Venum shorts are by far the best i’ve worn. I could use 5 more pair!

  67. Best shorts on the market, period.

  68. Damn i want those!!

  69. war jiu jitsu!!!!

  70. always loved Venum shorts. sign me up!

  71. those shorts look so good. the designs the venum has been putting out recently i think are the best on the market. i got the red spider (spiderman woot) and their so comfortable too.

  72. i want!

  73. Wow those are some nice looking shorts!

  74. Always loved Venum’s stuff and how they stay strict to their style.

  75. Now is Amazonia even cooler… Love the green crocodile pattern… I want to be that predator on the mat, too πŸ™‚

  76. These look great! I want my pair.

  77. These always look better without the tacky sponsor logos all over them.

  78. size 34 please

  79. Man these shorts are tight. I hope I win a pair.

  80. I want me some Amazonian Venum shorts

  81. yeah i like the green ones that Thiago Silva wore vs rashad. Also, venum has some nice shorts like the black pair that paulo filho wore vs manhoef

  82. Hey just found your site through a sherdog thread! some nice gear on this site!

  83. No one in this area wears venum,, its always tapout or warrior. Thats why I need to get me some of these shorts. Plus theyre BA!!!

  84. Kyle, go to 6duece and check out their unique stuff if ya want “something different” great MMA based stuff going on there and reasonable imo


    I also like the Triumph united stuff that Cody was covering awhile back

  86. Those shorts are awesome! Venum stuff and Fight Trends, a lethal combo!

  87. Wow.. black one and green one look REALLY good..

    I wanted venum fight shorts so bad…

    and these look better than any other fight shorts.

  88. These shorts look amazing, cant wait to see if there is a RED/BLACK version of them!
    The new gear venum keeps bringing out is great competition to the likes of Hayabusa, I cant wait to try the new shin guards.

    Good Luck in 2010 VENUM!!!

  89. Nice shorts i love the green pair!

  90. green pair is sick! yes please.

  91. saw it on sherdog in the G&E and need new shorts

  92. those green ones look really sick =) hope i win.

  93. Always been a fan of the shorts! Hope I win!

  94. Awesome

  95. These are fire. Please pick me!

  96. I want some free shorts.

  97. Saw this on the Sherdog G&E forum. Big fan of these shorts! Going to retweet and join this group ASAP. Give me some shoooooooorrrrts!! <3

  98. Awesome giveaway!

  99. Amazing shorts.These look amazing,green is sick,love that.I hope I win a pair,becouse in our country I can’t get it.Greeteings from Hungary

  100. Thanks for the giveaway, can’t wait to receive it! =)

  101. sign me up!

  102. The Venum shorts are awesome! Great designs.

  103. give me shorts

  104. I’m signed up for all 3 *crosses fingers*

  105. I really could use some shorts.

  106. These are sick!
    I like ’em a lot more than the first edition of these shorts.
    Saw this on Sherdog’s G&E, so I became a facebook fan, and I figured I would post here. I would love to rock those trunks!

  107. Saw this on Twitter and this is the last of my 3 entries! I did suggest my FB friends too!

  108. Love Venum gear. Some of the best stuff out there.

  109. Damn, I’d love to win these!

  110. Shorts look cool Id like to win a pair!

  111. Awesome gear by Venum once again!

  112. i’d like a pair.

  113. Pretty sweet, I like all three colors.

  114. Awesome fightware by Venum once again love to train in a pair of these!

  115. I’ll take em πŸ˜€

  116. Those shorts gotta be the best looking shorts by V yet!!!!! Look like they would to roll in!!

  117. I love those! This is awesomest shorts! I will die bleed in those shorts! Love those products!

  118. Those are some sick shorts. I’m not gonna lie, I was rootin’ for Silva.

  119. Nice shorts wish I had a pair

  120. Sweet! gimme some free shorts,

  121. My old mma shorts are getting tattered. Would love to win these.

  122. These shorts are SICK!

  123. pick me please

  124. These look great hope I win.

    Became a fan (can verify using my email)

    2nd Entry

  126. Following Venum and Retweeted message.
    Can verify using email name as twitter name (excluding characters including and after @)

    3rd Entry, from a sherdog g n e’r and aspiring fighter πŸ™‚

  127. In! plus Twitter (seant1)

  128. Venum and Bad Boy have the best fight shorts imo. These new colors are badass!

  129. Those shorts look great.

  130. I’ve always loved Venum shorts. I was always too poor to afford them πŸ™

  131. Cool shorts, Hopefully this post isn’t too late to get in on the give away!

  132. i’m in

  133. I want one!

  134. sick shorts..would love a pair

  135. sign me up for free stuff,the green and white are the nicest

  136. Love me some Venum

  137. I already have some of them Venum Black Mamba rules. Sign me up for all of them size M

  138. i want some of those!!

  139. is this still going on?

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