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Shoyoroll Free Batch #7 Gi Contest

For all of you out there lookin to grab up a Shoyoroll Batch #7 check this contest out from Vince over at Shoyoroll:

BATCH #7 Contest!!!! Quick details guys/girls. We will be having a simple contest.

Get a picture of you wearing a SHOYOROLL Kimono in the coolest, weirdest, or funniest place!

Email picture to

Shoyoroll will post the top 10 pictures for online voting!

Deadline: The deadline for this will be 2/23/10 to submit your pictures

Top three vote getters will win a FREE SHOYOROLL Batch #7 Kimono, T-shirt, and Hat Package!!!

-Must be wearing a SHOYOROLL Kimono in picture

Have fun everybody!!!

3 thoughts on “Shoyoroll Free Batch #7 Gi Contest

  1. send me a shoyoroll gi & i’ll send you all the pictures you want. lol! : )

  2. its the contest still on??? i have a sick pic… def a winner

  3. Sorry bro, the contest ended quite a while ago.

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