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TapouT We Trust T-Shirt

The TapouT We Trust T-Shirt rocks the American flag printed on the front along with words from the constitution in a cursive font and the words “In God We Trust” in foil running up the side. The back has a similar them with the American flag colors over the top of the TapouT logo.

PURCHASE: TapouT We Trust T-Shirt

5 thoughts on “TapouT We Trust T-Shirt

  1. Nice, this will be in my closet as soon as financial aid comes in…

  2. Wow, this is a pretty sweet shirt!

  3. Man, I went on to order this shirt. I was fairly excited, seeing how ordering from them directly is 10 bucks cheaper for my size (XXL). Low and behold the weekly offer is 2 free shirts with a purchase over $ I am stoked, especially with free shipping being involved. I grab the corruption shirt first, hit up the “We Trust” shirt and guess what…sold out in every size but small…already.

  4. Damn CrazyJHL, thats some tough luck lol. You could try MMAWarehouse for it.

  5. Yeah I did order it from MMAWarehouse, though I ended up ordering two shirts from tapout so I could get free shipping and 2 free shirts…24.99 at mmawarehouse, 8 dollars for shipping so it was still 3 bucks less then the 35.99 other online stores were selling them for.

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