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Interview with Vince of Shoyoroll

I know we have already done this, but tell FightTrends readers a bit about your BJJ background and how Shoyoroll came to be.

I have been a jiu-jitsu geek for the last 10 years.   I started jiu-jitsu at the Gracie Academy Torrance back in 1999 and have been hooked since.   We started a clothing brand and called it Shoyoroll not too long after.  In the good old days the brand first started with only a few t-shirts and stickers.  Today Shoyoroll is known for our Kimonos and also our urban art design style of other types of apparel.

 We are now recognized for our kimonos in recent times.  We have been studying the kimono for the last 10 years and watching the evolution since the late 90’s.  I am familiar with many of the kimono brands out there from Lucky, Koral, Atama, Gameness, Vulkun, HCK, Lucky, OTM, Fuji, Torah, KF, Kieko, Machado, Ouano, Etc…

When creating our kimonos, we took all the best elements of each kimono brand and along with some of our own innovations to create our kimono.   For the longest time the kimono industry was stuck using the same standards of kimono manufacturing design from 100 years ago, and using the same templates with not very much change or innovation.   I think in the last 5 years us along with other companies have been pushing the boundaries of making a better and more innovative kimono for the consumer.  This is a key reason we release our kimonos in batches (Example: Batch #6), because we learn something new with every edition we release.   We can always get better and we always have an open ear to our consumers to provide them with better products each and every time.

Tell us about Batch #6 and what went in to creating it.

Well Batch #6 is one of our limited edition releases that landed about a week ago and is about 70% sold out, and sold out in most of the popular sizes.

The Batch #6 design was another version of our lightweight 450gram kimonos.  We released it in a White model with rip stop pants and a blue model with lightweight pants.  We had to release another version of our lightweight 450 series since our previous Batch#5 model was such a success.

Our biggest goal in designing batch #6 was to make a lightweight kimono that was strong, lightweight, and a good weave.  I have been studying lightweight kimonos that are on the market and many of them would either get too messy while training due to the type of weave used or the cuts were made too baggy.

This is why we used a tight knitted 450gram pearl weave fabric.  This is not only a lightweight fabric but also a standard and strong weave fabric that feels good while training.  There are some lightweight fabrics that are used on lapel tops that feel like you are wearing a sheet.   So that is what lead us to designing a solid lightweight kimono both for training and competition.  In batch #6 we also added lightweight rip stop pants to our white model.   We also added another cool feature which was an IPOD/ID pocket inside the jacket for warm ups and to hold your ID during CBJJ Events.  In Batch#6 we added a more and improved firm yet comfortable collar.

These are some of the stand out changes we did from our previous batch to make our kimonos better.   Be on the lookout for our next batch #7.

What BJJ stars can we expect to see rockin the Batch #6?

We will be having a solid team in 2010.  We are locking down people as we speak.  Nothing is yet official but look for a big presence of Shoyoroll at Pan-Ams and Worlds this year! 

So, I am sure everyone is wondering what I have been wondering, whats up with Batch #7?  Any ideas for it and when can we expect to see it?  I know Batch #6 was just released, but your gis are like crack, can’t help myself.

Bud we are working on Batch #7 and Batch #8 as we speak.   We are going back and forth with R&D and sampling some new things.   We will be releasing a few limited editions each quarter.   The design and batch details are not yet finalized.  When we get closer we will be sure to let FightTrends break the news!!!!  But know that we will be making some cool looking gi’s and apparel for 2010 for all our loyal customers and supporters of the movement!!!

I know you talked about looking for a Shoyoroll design studio, any luck with that?

We are close to locking down a lease for the design studio.   We are reviewing it and if all goes well look for our design studio to be in business sometime late next month.  It will be less than 10 minutes away from “The Pyramid” where the world championships is held every year and it will have a bunch of cool little areas.   We will be sure to get you all the details when we get the space.  You gotta check us out!

What new products will Shoyoroll be dropping next?  Some backpacks or gi bags would be sweet.

We will drop a full line in 2010!  Bags, Sweaters, Hats, Shorts, Spandex, Stickers, Sweats, Accessories, Kimonos, Etc….  We are working hard to band out as many new products as possible.

What else do you have to tell us Vince?

I just want thank Cody at FightTrends for finally giving the MMA/Grappling community a cool up to date website on cool and trendy products on the market!   Also be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all your up to date news on Shoyoroll.   Look for big things in 2010 from our brand.  Thank you to each and every customer who has purchased a gi.  Awesome customers are what make companies so great and without their support and feedback, SYR would not be where it is at today!  Thank You all for your continuous support for the SHOYROLLL Movement!  Please visit us at

4 thoughts on “Interview with Vince of Shoyoroll

  1. I ordered a batch 6 and love it. SYR definitely is now my go-ahead for Gis. Alot of love to Vince and the gang.

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  4. when can we expect nxt batch of gis from shoyouroll?

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