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Nogi Industries Kingpin 2010 Preview

Chosen by our loyal customers and fans at and FightTrends, here is a sneak preview of the 2010 Nogi Kingpins. The colors are a little hard to see from the phone pic but we will be offering a white with contrasting blue and army green with contrasting tan. We’ve also toughened up the stitching and embroidery to prevent ware and moved the rear pocket inside to make them legal for grappling tournaments that don’t allow external pockets. These should be available around April 15th along with other soon to be revealed goodies!

6 thoughts on “Nogi Industries Kingpin 2010 Preview

  1. god damnit why couldnt i have won those white n blue in the nogi contest


  2. come on April!!!!

  3. I think they are both awesome, but I’d buy the green/tan ones…mainly because they are different lol. I don’t see too many shorts with those colors.

  4. Yes, the shorts are green. A dark , army green to be exact. The final tan color will be a bit darker and less yellow.

  5. Great stuff Dave! really interested in the green shorts. Will Nogi be doing more fan polls for future items?

  6. @ Tyler – Yeah more fan polls, more giveaways and more fun stuff for sure!

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