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Bobby Lashley TapouT Signature T-Shirt

TapouT has created Bobby Lashley his very own signature series t-shirt for him as he takes on Wes Sims at Strikeforce Miami on January 30th. Lashleys TapouT tee rocks a large TapouT logo on the left side along with lightning bolts shooting out from behind it. The back has the same concept but with a silhouette of Bobby Lashley standing underneath the TapouT logo. This tee is available for preorder now.

PURCHASE: Bobby Lashley TapouT Signature T-Shirt

1 thought on “Bobby Lashley TapouT Signature T-Shirt

  1. Nice mean MUG Lashley, he better win on Saturday or some people will just have a “hay~day” with him, as far as the shirt goes ehhh whatever but nice find

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