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FightTrends Interview With Hayabusa

I know it’s been way too long since we have had an interview around here, so I decided to get you all a good one.  With the recent success of the Hayabusa Mizuchi line I thougt Hayabusa would make for a great interview, let me know if I was wrong.

So here we go!

Could you give us some background on Hayabusa and how it all got started?

Hayabusa came to be with a realization that the fight products that were available in the market did not meet the true needs of MMA fighters. Performance is critical in the fighting world and what was missing was a line that would be 100% dedicated to helping fighters maximize their full athletic potential. There was a serious need for advanced equipment and apparel designed specifically for intense combat. With that in mind, steps were taken to ensure that the very best quality and most functional products could be taken from ideation, to blue prints, to prototyping and testing into top notch development with only the finest materials and manufacturing processes. In a nutshell, that is what inspired the Hayabusa ideal.

Your Mizuchi line has really taken off, can you tell us about the line and what has made it such a success?

The Mizuchi line became an instant success at launch because it was developed based on a combination of customer feedback and in depth analysis. We listened to what the loyal supporters of Hayabusa were saying, what they wanted and we delivered. We released the Mizuchi line with strong conviction since we knew the products would surpass expectations based on all elements, design, function and look!

You just released the Red Label line which is a limited run and made exclusively for MMAWarehouse. Can we expect to see any other limited edition lines from Hayabusa in the near future? I know of at least 3 people who would buy a FightTrends limited edition line. What do ya say?

There is a very good chance you will see more limited edition lines and designs from Hayabusa. I would even recommend that people put forward ideas on what they would like to see from us and I assure you that the feedback will be taken to heart and reviewed by our product development team. As for a limited edition FightTrends line… I’ll get our team looking into that right away, but I wouldn’t hold your breath 😉

What is next for Hayabusa, any new products or big plans in the works?

There is some really exciting stuff coming down the pipeline. Some big innovations are in the works and I wish I could go into details now but all I can say at this time is that you’ll just need to wait and see. One thing for sure is expect even bigger things from Hayabusa in the near future.

Anything else you would like to say?

Thanks FightTrends for the interview and thanks to everyone who supports Hayabusa and to the fighters that make MMA such an amazing sport.

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